Tongue Piercing can be a Pain in the Wallet

Novelty Icon Straight Barbell

And your Dentists favorite piercing issss, The Tongue Piercing! The tongue piercing by far is a dentist’s nightmare (or Brand New Boat) depending on how you look at it :-).
There are many added dangers that come along with this piercing that are not present with some others, such as tooth abrasion, broken teeth, impairment of speech &/or eating, oral infections, Septicemia , Gingival Recession, Sialorrhea, risk of inhaling loose piercing balls.

But yet we still choose to do this to ourselves. If you decide to get this piercing done, please take the proper precautions so that you are not putting yourself in undue danger.

After the initial piercing is done you have to wait for the swelling to go down, and during this time you will have a longer then normally necessary barbell to make room for the swelling. As soon as you can after all swelling is gone and the piercing has healed, change to a shorter barbell. The longer straight barbell, is much more likely to rub on your gums or teeth or be bitten accidentally. The shorter the better, without being tight or even snug. Acrylic Barbells are great to use because they will not do nearly as much damage to your teeth if any. So think about going to the Acrylic Barbells or at least the Acrylic Balls. Also always check your balls regularly on your barbell so that you do not end up swallowing them. Always have replacement balls available as losing one is not uncommon at all. They usually do not cause any additional problems, but they can, and they have no good flavor added at all.

The tongue piercing can be a very fun and exciting piercing, just beware the risky that come along with it. Be safe and enjoy.

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