Straight Dice Barbells for Your Tongue Piercings!

So you went ahead and got a tongue piercing? Congratulations! You can now proudly sport one of the coolest and most uncommon piercings. What about the tongue jewelry? Let The Chain Gang take care of it. We have a range of attractive and innovative tongue jewelry which is perfect for both fresh and healed piercings.

For all those looking for a unique tongue piercing jewelry piece, we bring the Straight Dice Barbell. It has acrylic dice on both ends and looks really cool. The Barbell is made from 316LVM Implant Grade Surgical Steel. This is a way to give style to your piercing! Order now and flaunt your tongue piercing! You can also wear the Straight Dice Barbell piece in ears, nipples and many other piercings.

All our body jewelry is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We provide free shipping on orders over $150!

About The Chain Gang:
At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we produce some of the very finest Quality Body Piercing Jewelry and Adult Toys in the Industry. We are also always happy to help you whenever we can. Just email us.

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