Tongue in Cheek Piercing

Now a days you can get just about everything pierced including our cheeks. The piercing itself goes through the cheek and in your mouth. A Labret is normally used in this piercing. They use this piece because it has a smooth flat disk on the side that is inside your mouth, which does help to prevent tooth or gum damage. The Labret can be very decorative and sexy as well. You do not have to have just a plain boring ball on the end, there are a wide selection of Labrets to choose from for the initial piercing.
The most common gauge that is used in this piercing is 14 Gauge because there is less likely to have piercing rejection. Initially the piercing is done with a little longer length then nessesary due to the swelling that typical occurs with a new piercing. Once the piercing has healed you will want to change to the proper length that you need asap, so that you do not damage your gums or your teeth.

This piercing has been done in both Primitive and modern cultures, and could be seen on many of the characters in the Movie 300, released in theaters in 2007.

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