Tongue and Labret Piercings – Rising in Popularity

Why the sudden rise in the popularity, you ask? Because people swear that these increase sexual stimulation for both partners, and apparently also make the kissing experience more enjoyable. So if you are one of the many, many people out there who want to go in for a piercing which increases the pleasure factor, but do not want a genital piercing, these might be the very answer you are looking for!

Tongue and labret piercings have been around for quiet sometime but have recently surged in popularity. These heal fast (2-5 weeks), jewelry choices are many and reportedly very effective for inducing sexual stimulation.

The right jewelry for tongue and labret piercings

As these are sensitive areas, it is very important to choose the right body jewelry which is made from fine materials that does not irritate the piercings, the skin, or thier partners. There are many options available as far as jewelry pieces go. Of late, people have started using materials such as acrylabret piercingslic, and plastic, which not only look good but are also helpful at airport security checks and visits to the hospital.

Other popular materials for tongue jewelry and labret jewelry are Gold, Titanium, Surgical Steel and Hybrid, to name a few. Depending upon your budget, you can also opt for genuine gemstone and diamond studded jewelry as well.

If you have made up your mind by now and are just about to go and get a tongue or labret piercing, or both, make sure you pick up the right jewelry. The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store has a wide range of body piercing jewelry, including tongue jewelry and labret jewelry. Made from the finest, anti allergic materials, these promise to keep both fresh and healed piercing 100% safe!

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