Titanium vs Surgical Steel Piercings Jewelry

Titanium vs Surgical Steel PiercingsThere are many different types of body piercing jewelry that you can choose. With piercings becoming more and more popular, there are even more jewelry choices you can make. However, in order to stay safe, it is always important to think about the body jewelry materials. You should never take just any cheap, mall kiosk jewelry piece you can find. You need to make sure that the material is safe. Surgical Steel, particularly 316 Surgical Steel, and titanium, are among the best piercing jewelry materials you can get. So, which one is better? Titanium vs Surgical Steel piercings jewelry: which one will win?

Titanium vs Surgical Steel Piercings Jewelry: The Basics

Titanium vs Surgical Steel piercing jewelry: which ones to choose? In order to answer this question, it is important to understand the basic characteristics of both materials. Also, keep in mind that both titanium and Surgical Steel are safe materials – in many situations, there might not be a reason to use one over the other, save for a personal preference.

The main difference between the two is that titanium is an elemental metal. It means that it will include fewer alloys than Surgical Steel. It does not make Surgical Steel, particularly the high-quality 316 Surgical Steel, unsafe. Most people will not feel any difference at all. However, some highly-sensitive people might need titanium jewelry. Titanium is also recommended for new piercings in healing, although many people can use Surgical Steel straight away, as long as it is high-quality Surgical Steel jewelry.

Ultimately, the decision between titanium vs Surgical Steel piercing jewelry will be a personal one. For most people, both materials will work great so it all depends on which material you prefer and which jewelry pieces you find more attractive.

Why Choose Titanium?

Titanium is a premium material and one of the safest body jewelry materials out there. It is an elemental metal, which means that it will not have much, if any, alloys. This purity ensures safety by minimizing the risks of allergic reactions.

While most people can use other jewelry materials, there are some very sensitive people who need hypo-allergenic body jewelry. This is where titanium comes into play. It is a perfect material for those who are sensitive and looking for the safest material out there.

Also, titanium is the recommended jewelry material for new piercing. If you have a new piercing in healing, it makes sense to use titanium over all other body jewelry materials.

Another advantage of titanium are the colors. Titanium can be anodized to produce numerous vibrant colors without the use of any chemicals or dye. Again, this is ideal for those who are sensitive and are looking for hypo-allergenic jewelry. There are many bright colors you can get on titanium, even some multi-colored pieces, such as rainbow jewelry or oil-slick jewelry pieces. 

Why Choose Surgical Steel?

There are also many reasons to choose Surgical Steel jewelry. If you are not super-sensitive and very prone to allergies, there is no need to seek titanium jewelry specifically. Surgical Steel, particularly the high-quality 316 LVM Surgical Steel, is a great material for most people.

One advantage of Surgical Steel over titanium jewelry is that Surgical Steel is a more popular material. It means that there are more jewelry pieces you can find in Surgical Steel than titanium. The variety of jewelry styles, too, will be better with Surgical Steel.

Another advantage is a better variety of sizes. With Surgical Steel, you always know that you will be able to find jewelry in your gauge. The same goes for size (length, height, etc.) Many of the Surgical Steel pieces are also customizable, so you know you can get just the right type of the product you need for your jewelry collection.

Also, remember the super-large gauges. Nothing beats Surgical Steel in this case. This is particularly true for those who like their jewelry pieces to be massive and bold. If this sounds like you, then Surgical Steel is a perfect jewelry material for your piercing needs.

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