Stop losing beads – Get a Fixed Bead Body Piercing Ring

Conch Piercing with Fixed Bead Ring Are you tired of losing the beads to your Captive Bead Rings? We have a solution for you!

Captive Bead Rings are great because you can change out the beads or charms. However one of the down sides to them is that the beads get lost very easily.

Now you can purchase “Fixed” Bead Rings instead!

Fixed Bead Rings look exactly the same as the Captives, however the charm or bead is actually attached to one end of the ring, so first and foremost, you can not lose it unless you were to lose the entire ring which is unlikely.

Also the Fixed Bead Piercing Rings assure that the charm will always be pointing the same way, rather then spinning around as with the Captive Bead Rings. With Captive Bead Rings the charm may be pointing the right way one minute and the wrong way another. Usually right when you want to show it off to someone. 🙂

You also do not have to fumble with the little beads anymore, trying to get the ends of the ring into those tiny dimples. That is the worst down sided to the Captive Rings by far. Unless of course you own a pair of the Small Ring Closing Pliers which are made to hold the beads and will make your life immensely easier. If you like to use the Captive Style rings then you have to have a pair of these to hold the beads. The best way to work with them is the Small Ring Closers to hold the Bead and the Ring Openers to hold the ring. You will be surprised how much easier those tools make it.

Still though, the Captives can not beat the the ease of the Fixed Bead Rings.

We offer all of our 14K Gold Rings to you in either the Captive or the Fixed Style now at no additional charge, and we are beginning to add others to the other lines as we can.

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