Times When You Should Really Rethink Getting a Piercing

Piercings are so hot and in right now! No matter how much some folks frown upon them, everyone wants and gets pierced left, right and center, very literally! While it is completely your decision to get pierced and/or tattooed, there are some times when the decision seriously has to be thought over.

It is a common notion that you have to tolerate at least some pain in order to look nice, and it is true as well. But sometimes, it is just not worth it, especially if the result is too much pain, bleeding and/or perennial discomfort.

Let’s look at some instances where it is important that you rethink your decision of getting a piercing:

  • When you are hypersensitive to pain

– When you get a piercing, pain is inevitable. How much and for how long actually depends on the part being pierced and the skill of the piercer; but it is never unbearable and neither is it negligible. While all this is true, another fact is that some people are hypersensitive to pain. If you are one of those folks, seriously rethink getting a body piercing, especially in unconventional places like genitals.

  • When you are allergic to most metals

– Allergy to certain metals is not uncommon, but some people are allergic to most metals, to the point that even nickel free gold irritates their piercings, because they are actually allergic to the gold. If you have been allergic to jewelry materials, avoid getting a piercing. This becomes even more important if you face financial restraints because nickel free gold and other such metals for hypersensitive people are more expensive than others.

  • When you are expecting a major lifestyle change

– Getting a body piercing right before you know that you will be making major lifestyle changes is not a very good idea. For example, getting a navel or genital piercing when you know that you are pregnant or trying, or an eyebrow or tongue piercing before starting a job hunt.

  • When you are not even sure you want that piercing

– Getting a navel piercing just because the most popular girl in school just got one? Or, is your eyebrow piercing decision a result of hanging out with the guys too much? If yes, then maybe it is not the best thing to do. A piercing should be something that you really want, not a means of ‘fitting in’. You might end up regretting your decision soon, think it through properly.

It is important to think long and hard before going and getting a piercing. It is not just a decoration, but an expression of who you are. Think smart and then get a piercing. After all, it is something you can flaunt for many, many, many years to come!

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