Things Your Piercer Can Tell You

Piercing DecisionsPiercings are very beautiful and rewarding. However, it is very important to choose the best piercer to do your piercing. You should never get a piercing from an amateur, and you should never get one in a non-studio setting. Professional piercers and reputable studios are a must when deciding to get a piercing, even the simplest one.

Your piercer is more than just a person who does your piercing. You can also use them for consultations or to ask numerous questions about your piercing. There are many things your piercer can tell you. They can also give you some great advice.

Things Your Piercer Can Tell You (That You Can’t Learn Otherwise)

Here are some of the most important things your piercer can tell you that you can’t learn otherwise. Remember, piercings are more than a simple information. Most of the thing related to your piercing are individual and related to your case only.

Here is a quick list of all the things your piercer can tell you:

What Kind of a Piercing to Get

While piercings are a personal decision there are some things you need to think about. For example not all people can get all piercings. Each anatomy is individual and some people are simply not built to accommodate certain piercings. Your piercer can tell you if your anatomy allows for a certain piercing or not. This is one of the most important things to learn before you get a piercing.

What Placement is the Best for You

Most piercings are done in several standard placements, depending on the anatomy and client’s wishes. If you can’t get a typical placement because of your anatomy, your piercer can suggest the best alternative placement that will suit you perfectly. Also, good piercers can even invent a special placement just for you if no common placement works for your anatomy. This is why you should always seek the most experienced and reliable piercer out there.

What Kind of Jewelry to Use

There are many great body jewelry pieces you can use for your piercing. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what kind of a style or material you use. In other cases, however, certain jewelry types work better than the others. A lot of this depends n your anatomy and your individual case. Your piercer can suggest the best jewelry choices for a new or existing piercing you have.

What Kind of Aftercare Works Best

After you get pierced, your piercer will give you detailed information about aftercare and other things you need to follow during the healing time. A good piercer will also tell you some tips and tricks related to your individual case. Perhaps there are some things you should do to in order to speed up the healing process. You should take this advice seriously because it will help you prevent problems with your new piercing, such as migration and rejection.

How to Stretch Your Piercing

Many people wish to stretch their piercings to a larger gauge. Some piercings are easier to stretch than the others. It is always best to consult your piercer about it. While information you can find online and in other places can be very valuable, only your piercer can give you specific advice related to your case alone. Also, your piercer can take a look at your piercing and tell you if you are ready to stretch at the moment. This is why it’s very useful to book a consultation with your piercer if you wish to stretch your piercing.

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