Thin Urethral Toys are NOT Good for Beginners

Urethral ToysUrethral sounding can be very fun for both beginners and more experienced users. However, if you are a novice, it is important to be very careful and to go slowly. Before you are able to take the long, thick urethral toys and deep sounds, you need to train and stretch your urethra. In fact, chances are that you will need to do that even for shorter toys, such as penis plugs.

Many penis plugs are ribbed or come with other features made for additional stimulation. It makes the experience more arousing and exciting. However, it also means more pressure on your urethra, so these toys are reserved for more experienced users. You will need to do some urethral stretching and training before you are able to take those toys and enjoy them to the fullest.

As a general rule, beginner users should stay away from big, thick urethral toys. The reason is obvious: your urethra is just not ready for these toys yet. You will need to use smaller and thinner toys made for beginners. At the same time, it’s important to remember that the thinnest toys are not always the best for newbies! In fact, novice users should stay away from the thinnest urethral sounds and plugs as much as they need to stay away from the big, thick ones.

Why is that? Simply put, the thinnest toys are just too narrow and thin so they can slip easily and tear up the tissue. They tend to be sharp, which can cause injuries and other problems. This is why you actually need to be experienced in order to know how to use these toys properly.

The Danger of Thin Urethral Toys

Very thin urethral toys can be a lot of fun, if you know how to use them. They are great for targeted stimulation and often offer a different type of feeling and intensity than the thicker toys. Also, they tend to feel sharper even when they are completely smooth, which adds to the arousal during use. However, in order to experience all of these effects to the fullest, you need to have some experience with urethral toys. When used incorrectly, thin urethral toys can bring a lot of harm.

If a toy is much smaller than the urethral opening, it can slip in easily – too easily. It means it’s difficult to control and it can tear the tissue before you catch it. Urethral tissue is very gentle and can tear easily, creating false passages. Those false passages are tears and holes in the urethra created by a toy or another instrument. They are very, very painful and bring a lot of problems. While they can be cured it requires immediate medical attention and it’s a slow and painful process. In order to prevent this you will need to make sure not to damage your urethral tissue. One of the ways to do it is to avoid overly thin urethral toys, at least until you get more experience and learn how to use them properly.

Which Toys are Safe for Beginners?

This depends on your anatomy and the size of your urethra. What is “too small” for one man may be ideal for another, so you need to be careful. Generally speaking, an appropriate toy is the one that is not smaller than your urethral opening. When inserted, a toy should fit the width of your urethra perfectly.

As a beginner, you will find that the toys that fit your urethra are among the smaller ones in the kit or the thinner ones in general. That is ok – you are supposed to use smaller toys at first, until you stretch and train your urethra. The important thing is not to use too small of a toy. Its width should not be smaller than your urethra and it should not slip in easily.

A too wide and big of a toy will be impossible to insert without pain, so it’s a clear sign you do need a smaller toy. However, a toy that is too thin will slip without seemingly any problem at first, which can be a warning sign because it’s so easy to hurt your urethral tissue if you use that one.

So, to stay on the safer side, beginners are advised to avoid the thinnest urethral toys out there. Use one that is small and comfortable, yes, but it should not be too thin for your urethra.

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