Why Thick Urethral Toys are Bad for Beginners

Penis PlugsYou probably know how important it is to choose a good urethral toy. This refers, first and foremost, to the size of the urethral toy you should use. All people who wish to practice urethral stimulation should be aware of this, but it’s particularly important for beginners. Beginner users who wish to try urethral stimulation should be very careful. In order to ensure safety and comfortable experience you need to pick an appropriately-sized toy for urethral play. This particularly refers to the diameter of the urethral toy.

It’s Vital to Choose the Right Diameter

When choosing your first urethral toy, or if you are still a beginner user, it’s vital to use only toys of the right diameter. Actually, this is important for users of all experience levels, but it’s particularly important for newbies to be aware of it because they are still not used to urethral stimulation.

A toy of the right diameter is the one that fits your urethra nicely. In other words, the diameter of the toy should match the diameter of your urethra. This is very important for ensuring safety so you should follow this advice carefully.

As you probably know, thin toys are not good for beginners. If a toy is too thin, it is difficult to control so it can cause many problems. It can clip easily inside and act as a sharp object, creating tears and false passages in the urethra. This is very dangerous and this is why beginner users are advised against using urethral toys that are too thin.

On the other hand, toys that are too thick are not good, either. Beginners should stay away from thick toys as much as they should stay away from thin toys.

Thick Urethral Toys are Bad for Beginners

Thick urethral toys can cause a lot of trouble and this is why beginners should stay away from them. While thin toys can be very dangerous, this refers only to toys that are way too thin for your urethra. Generally speaking, beginners should start with relatively thinner toys – just not the ones that are too thin.

In other words, beginners should not use thick urethral toys at all. Why? The main reason is that their urethra is simply not big and wide enough to accommodate thicker toys. Thick toys can be very massive and they are reserved for experienced users.

If you attempt to insert a toy that is too thick for your urethra it can lead to painful overstretching, discomfort and even injuries to your urethra. Even if you use plenty of lube you won’t be able to insert a thick toy inside the urethra without pain and injuries. If a toy is significantly wider than your urethra it is considered too big to be used safely.

For this reason, it is important to go with smaller toys. Just make sure that they are not too thin for your urethra. Typically, beginners should start with a sound that is second smallest in the kit, that is, the one that is not the smallest one. Some men will even need to use the third smallest size, meaning that there are two smaller sizes than that one. It all depends on the size of your urethra so this is why you need to be very careful when choosing urethral toys for yourself, especially if you are new to urethral stimulation.

If you really wish to use thick urethral toys you will need to train your urethra first. It means that you will need to stretch your urethra gradually in order to be able to accommodate thicker toys. There are many urethral stretchers and trainers you can use to make your urethral bigger in a safe and gradual way. This is a process that takes some time but this is the only way to enjoy thicker urethral toys. If you want to try thick urethral sounds and other urethral toys it’s important for your urethra to be properly stretched first.

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  1. With a thin sound there is the danger that the urethral wall perforated or a skin fold caught. For sounds under 9 mm be very careful.

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