Thick Urethra Plugs

There are many different types of urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Thick urethra plugs are ideal for those users with plenty of experience and those who want more intense, extreme toys. While these penis plugs and urethral sounds are not for everyone, it is important to remember that these can bring a lot of satisfaction for people who are really into those intense sensations.

Are Thick Urethra Plugs for Me?

If you want to try thick urethra plugs, you need to ask yourself whether those toys are a good choice for you. While these can be very powerful and pleasurable, it is also important to understand that they can be too overwhelming and too intense for some users.

Furthermore, it is a matter of anatomy. If your urethra is not wide enough, thick urethra plugs will simply not do. This is why these toys are ideal for users with experience: those users typically have stretched urethra that can accommodate thicker toys.

As a general rule, you should not insert any urethral toy that is thicker than the width of your urethra. Doing so can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Toys that are too thick for your urethra can cause pain, discomfort and overstretching. This can actually set you back in your sounding goals and make your urethra less able to accept toys.

This is why careful, gradual stretching is the key. If you like those massive, thick urethra plugs, the only way to use them is to stretch your urethra. This requires some patience so you should not rush out. The good news is that patience will pay off: your urethra will stretch and you will be able to enjoy thicker, more intense toys.

Keep in mind that those who are into painful pleasures might want to try thick urethra plugs even before the urethra is wide enough. This is not the best way to go because there is a high probability of injuries, but if this is not a concern for you, it is definitely something that will cause pain and discomfort. If you are into BDSM and this type of extreme sensations, you might want to try thick toys. Just remember to use safe words and to respect your partner’s boundaries if you choose to engage in this activity with another person.

Thick Uretha Plugs: Popular Products

Here are some product recommendations for those who want to try thick urethra plugs:

  • Other thick urethral toys. There are some thick urethra plugs that are different than typical sounds and penis plugs. Prince’s wands, cock stoppers and some extreme toys ideal for BDSM all fall into this category. Some of these toys are very thick and intense. In fact, some of our most extreme urethral toys fall into this category. As always, make sure you understand how to use a toy and what kind of sensations a toy can bring before you engage in urethral play. Recommended products: X1 Prince’s Wand Sound, PX2 Prince’s Wand Sound, Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher.
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