The Top 5 Glans Ring Benefits

Glans Ring BenefitsGlans rings are amazing toys that can enhance sensations on so many different levels. Unfortunately, not everybody knows about glans ring benefits and how to use these cock rings for the best results. There are so many things you can do with these toys and so much fun to have, so it is important to understand how they work.

Glans Ring Benefits in Short

So, what are the major glans ring benefits? Keep in mind that glans rings are more than just regular cock rings that you use on your penis head. Yes, it is possible to place a glans ring around your penis head for a fuller and more exciting sensation, but this is not all. There are so many different things you can do, especially if you combine a glans ring with another sex toy.

Here are the main glans ring benefits that you can enjoy:

  1. New Sensations

Glans rings are there to make you experience complete new sensations. Those who are into regular cock rings know how helpful these toys can be in making your penis more sensitive and responsive to touch.

Since penis head is the most sensitive part of the penis, imagine all the new possibilities for arousal and pleasure. A good glance ring puts a pressure on the glans of your penis so it becomes more sensitive to touch. Because of the pressure, your penis head will become larger and with more blood, which enhances the experience.

  1. More Fun for Your Partner

Another of glans ring benefits that you shouldn’t forget is that it brings so much fun for your partner. Because a powerful glans ring puts a pressure on your penis head, it makes it larger, harder and more intense for your partner. It means more sensual feelings and arousal for your partner during sex.

While glans rings are not ideal for enhancing the erections of the whole penis, they do work wonders on your glans. This is often very important for the receptive partner during sex and penetration. This is true for both vaginal and anal sex. Make the experience more intense for your partner by wearing a glans ring.

  1. Enlarged Penis Head

Some men feel inadequate when it comes to the side of their penis head. You may have a perfectly nice-sized penis, but with a penis head that is not particularly big or pronounced. If this is the case, a glans ring can help.

By putting a pressure under the penis head, this sex toy makes the penis glans larger, harder and more powerful. This is a great solution for those who want their penis head to look more impressive during sex. Not to mention that increased blood flow also makes for better sensitivity so it helps in many different ways.

  1. Great Help with Urethral Toys

Glans rings are great additions to urethral toys. Those who are into urethral play know how difficult it is to keep a penis plug inside of the penis. Penis plugs often slip out at the worst moment. To prevent this from happening, use a penis plug with a glans ring.

Glans rings have a double function with a penis plug. First, they keep the penis plug in place so you don’t have to worry about the plug slipping out at the worst moment. Second, a glans ring provides additional stimulation for your dick while you enjoy your penis plug. This is a great combination that can bring mind-blowing orgasms and hours of urethral stimulation.

  1. Amazing Looks

A shiny glans ring can make your penis look amazing. You don’t have to have an actual penis piercing anymore – instead of penis jewelry, you can use a metal glans ring. It sits nicely under your penis head, producing a very striking sight. This is a great news for those who like genital jewelry but don’t want to go as far as piercing the penis. However, if you do have a penis piercing, your jewelry will look amazing in a combination with a glans ring. Most penis piercings can work without a problem with a glans ring, so chances are that you don’t have to worry about that.

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2 thoughts on “The Top 5 Glans Ring Benefits

  1. yeah just got a doughnut glans ring…quality and weight are great i have a fairly big penis head but the glans ring makes it look bigger…the weight is great gently tugs on my dick and feels great when walking …got it about a week ago been wearing it since..first day went to clothes optional club had about 6 people wanting to touch and feel it and to know where i bought it…have just ordered another one next size up to put further along my shaft ..extra weight should give that bit more stretch

  2. I started wearing a glans ring many years ago as an aid to keeping my foreskin retracted. Once my foreskin had learned to stay back with very little help I stopped wearing the ring. After several years of living with a permanently exposed glans I chose to be circumcised because I wanted to get rid of the excess loose skin. A few years ago I started wearing my glans ring again and I currently wear it 24/7 because it looks good and feels even better and I notice that other people notice it.

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