The Right Jewelry Materials for New and Old Piercings

The materials used in body jewelry is very important to the healing process. While some materials irritate the piercing and prolong the process, some others make the healing comfortable and accelerate it. What you wear in a new piercing is crucial for its proper healing and overall well-being. But what you wear in a healed piercing is just as important. Bad and low quality materials can irritate a completely healed piercing. This can lead to swelling and oozing and even infection yet again!

Investing in good body jewelry is as important as getting pierced by a professional. It is important to buy jewelry that is made from safe high quality materials. They might cost a little more to begin with, but promise to keep both new and healed piercings irritation and allergy free and healthy. Here is a look at some of the preferred materials for body jewelry:

  • GoldGold has been used for jewelry pieces since times immemorial, and it still remains one of the most preferred materials. Yellow or White Gold, not only looks really nice, but also keeps piercings healthy. It is perfect for both healed and fresh piercings and can be worn anywhere. However never use less then 14k, and only use Nickel Free.
  • Titanium – An extremely light weight metal, Titanium is the most bio-compatible of all metals due to its total resistance to attack by body fluids. It has been used in hospitals thanks to its properties to keep infections and allergies at bay. When used for jewelry, Titanium turns out designs beautifully and is perfect from the health point of view.
  • Glass – A relatively heavier material, glass is preferred by wearers because of the way it looks. Although a good choice, glass should not be used for fresh piercings as it tends to put more weight than required. This could lead to unintentional stretching. For healed piercings, glass is perfect as it is non-toxic and bio-compatible.
  • Surgical Steel – Surgical Steel is a strong and durable, yet light weight and comfortable material. It is easy to work with and is completely safe for healed and fresh piercings. It has great appeal and manages to go well with all gems. 316LVM grade Surgical Steel has almost no chances of ever irritating a piercing however the lower grade of 316L does.
  • HybridHybrid material is made by putting together the finest 14k nickel free Gold and 316LVM Surgical Steel. Different materials are used for different parts of the jewelry piece. These are both anti-allergy, easy to work with and have a lot of appeal. Hybrid jewelry is relatively new, but has managed to gain a lot of popularity because of its reduced price from an all gold piece.


At the end of the day, you have to take care of your piercings. You have to decide on the best materials. There are lots of factors to be considered and if in doubt, it is best to take the help of a professional. If you are really not in the mood for all the research, find a good and reliable body jewelry store. All pieces you purchase from there, you can rest assured, will be made from the highest quality materials. You might end up paying a little more than you had initially expected, but in the long run, it will all be worth it.

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