The Most Popular Types of Nut Stretchers

Nut StretchersThose who are into special sensations often write to ask about nut stretchers. It is important to know that these toys are better known as “ball stretchers” and the activity is ball stretching. However, it doesn’t mean that the person actually stretches testicles with these devices. It doesn’t even have to be painful or unpleasant. In fact, there are many people who find these nut stretchers extremely pleasurable.

What Are Nut Stretchers?

If you are into ball play and niche sex toys, chances are that you already know about nut stretchers. These are toys made for elongating the scrotum and achieving low-hanging balls. Better known under the names of ball stretchers and ball weights, these are perfect devices for those who want to explore stretching in all its intensity.

There is basically not difference between nut stretchers, ball stretchers and testicle stretchers – all of these devices refer to the same thing. Different people have different names for these toys so this is what may cause a confusion. If you want to try these devices out, it is best to search them under the name: “ball stretchers” and “ball weights”.

It is important to understand that nut stretchers do not really stretch your testicles. In this sense, all of the most popular names are misleading. The stretchers actually stretch the scrotum so it is elongated. This puts the testicles much lower and makes them appear long. This is the best way to get those low-hanging balls that many people prefer. At the same time, it is possible to use nut stretchers for the sensation alone. Many people claim that cumming with a nut stretcher on is a feeling like no other!

Popular Nut Stretchers

Here are some of the most popular models of nut stretchers that we offer:

  • Metal ball stretchers. These nut stretchers are smooth, heavy and made to provide perfect results. These ball weights are ideal for those who are serious about stretching and want to achieve those impressive low-hanging balls. There are many metal ball stretcher models to choose from so it is possible to find the ones to suit your needs perfectly. Recommended products: Donut Ball Stretcher Weight, Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight, 2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight.
  • Leather ball stretchers. Instead of metal, these scrotum stretching devices have leather exteriors. Leather is lighter than Surgical Steel so these stretchers are ideal for those who do not want to go overboard with stretching. Some models of leather ball stretchers have small metal weights inside for additional heaviness and stimulation. Recommended products: Leather Ball Stretcher Weight, Leather Ball Stretching Kit, Weighted Cock & Ball Double Strap.
  • Flexible ball stretchers. There are some very light and flexible nut stretchers you can try. These are the lightest of all ball weights that you can try. These are perfect toys for those who just want to try a bit of stretching without going too far. Recommended products: Spiral Ball Stretcher, Platinum Silicone Round Ball Stretcher.
  • Extreme ball stretchers. These are ball weights ideal for those who like extreme sensations and painful pleasures. They suit best people who are into BDSM, particularly CBT (Cock and Ball Torture). If you don’t like extreme feelings or even pain, chances are that these are not for you! On the other hand, if intensity and pain are your idea of a good time, these may be perfect for your needs. Recommended products: Mike’s Spikes, Ball Flask Crusher.
  • Additional weights. If you want to make your ball stretchers heavier, consider using additional weights. These are small metal weights that you can add to certain models of ball stretchers for a more powerful experience. Recommended product: Large Heavy Weight.
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