The Most Popular Titanium Metal Piercing Jewelry

titanium metal piercingTitanium is amazing body jewelry material. In fact, it is among the safest materials for your piercing jewelry. There are many different designs of jewelry pieces that are made in titanium. Titanium metal piercing jewelry can be used for many different piercings and in many different sizes.

Here are the most popular titanium jewelry pieces that we offer:

Ear Jewelry

Ultra Premium Titanium Captive Bead Ring. This is a premium Captive Bead Ring ideal for many different ear piercing styles. It comes in many vibrant colors so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. Keep in mind that beads are also available in many different colors so you can choose a different color than the one you pick for the body of your ring.

Build Your Own Titanium Circular Barbell. This is a great titanium metal piercing jewelry piece for those who want to customize their body jewelry. You can choose the color for your circular barbell, as well as the beads. You can also choose the size for the beads: either for both to be of the same size or choose two different sizes for your beads.

Titanium Flesh Tunnel. This is a perfect jewelry piece for stretched earlobe piercings. These flesh tunnels are elegant and very stylish, and they go great with any outfit.

Navel Jewelry

Internally Threaded Titanium Curved Barbell. This is an elegant jewelry piece that will look great in your navel piercing. This titanium metal piercing jewelry piece comes in many different vibrant colors, from blue to pink and many in between. You can also choose a different color for the beads to make an interesting color combination for your piece.

Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbell. This is an amazing titanium jewelry piece that will add a spark to your belly button piercing. The beads on this barbell contain shiny gems (one gem on each bead) so the piece is super stylish and attractive. You get to choose among many different barbell colors: blue, green, pink, purple, magenta, brown, and many more! To make your piece super special you can order a barbell in rainbow or oil silk colors. You also get to choose your gem color, such as clear, purple, pink, red, or different shades of blue.

Nostril Jewelry

Titanium Flat Disc Jeweled Nostril Screw. This is a beautiful yet discreet titanium metal piercing jewelry piece ideal for your nostril piercing. It is carefully shaped to prevent it from sliding out of your piercing hole. The head of this jewelry piece is a disk with a shiny gem inside. There are many different gem colors to choose from.

Eyebrow Jewelry

Titanium Double Gem Side Set Circular Barbell. This is a gorgeous piece for your eyebrow piercing. This titanium metal piercing jewelry piece comes with two shiny gems on front so it attracts a lot of attention. You can choose gems of various colors as well as many different colors for your barbell.

Tongue Jewelry

Titanium Internally Threaded Straight Barbell. This is an excellent titanium metal piercing jewelry piece for your tongue piercing. Since titanium is the material you can choose your barbell to come in many different colors, including rainbow and oil slick. The same goes for the beads on your barbell. You may choose the beads of the same color as your barbell or pick a different one. Alternatively, certain gauges allow you to choose Surgical Steel barbells for a special effect.

Build Your Own Titanium Straight Barbell. This is an amazing piece that allows you to customize your tongue jewelry according to your needs. You can choose the exact size of the beads on your barbell. You may choose beads of the same size or you may opt for beads of different sizes.

Other Titanium Metal Piercing Jewelry

Here are some other titanium metal piercing jewelry pieces you can use for different piercing types:

Titanium Smooth Segment Ring. This highly polished titanium segment ring comes in large gauges. Ideal for those who need big, massive rings for their piercings.

Titanium Straight Micro Barbell. This is a straight barbell with smaller than average beads. These small beads go great with many different piercings and provide a more elegant look than the standard beads.

Titanium Big Ballin Circular Barbell. This is a very powerful piece that comes with large beads. The massive beads provide a very bold look and look very striking in your piercing. You can choose the size for the beads or you may opt for beads of different sizes for your barbell.

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