The Most Popular Long Plugs for Sounding

one-of-a-kind-penis-spine-and-plugUrethral play is great and can be done using many different urethral toys. This is one of the best things about urethral stimulation: once you learn how to do it, there are many different toys you can try. There are also many different toys designed for different preferences, so you can find just the toys that suit you best.

Many people like light, shallow urethral stimulation using short, small toys. Others love deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. Some prefer their urethral toys to be big and heavy. Regardless of the preferences, it is possible to find a good toy just for the type of urethral play you like. For example, there are those who prefer long urethral toys but would like to try different designs than typical urethral sounds. These people are advised to use long plugs for urethral stimulation.

Long Plugs for Sounding

There are special penis plugs for those who like long urethral toys but don’t want to use sounds. These long penis plugs can reach very deep inside the urethra, while they still have various interesting designs made to enhance pleasure during stimulation.

While penis plugs are generally shorter toys and much smaller than urethral sounds, there are also some plugs that are very long and big. Some of these penis plugs are longer than a typical urethral sound, so they can satisfy those who enjoy deep urethral stimulation.

On the other hand, penis plugs generally come in more designs than urethral sounds, so it’s good for those who wish to try something new. Penis plugs often have a textured exterior made for additional stimulation during use, which is an additional plus.

These long penis plugs work particularly great for those who appreciate long urethral toys. Deep urethral stimulation is a more extreme version of urethral play, and it requires some experience. This is why it’s not good for beginners. It also needs some training and patience to get right. This is why it’s important to always have good toys for the purpose.

The Importance of High-Quality Urethral Toys

Urethral stimulation, particularly deep urethral stimulation, brings certain risks. In order to avoid these risks you need high-quality toys for urethral stimulation. Long urethral plugs can reach deep inside your penis and bring a lot of pleasure. These toys are great for those who like to go deep but wish a different kind of a feeling than the one produced with typical urethral sounds. While certain sounds, such as Van Buren sounds, are ideal for deep urethral stimulation, there are other toys that you can use for the purpose. This is important to remember if you ever need something else to satisfy you completely.

Keep in mind, though, that “long” can mean many things. A toy that is long for one person may not be such for the other. It all depends on how deep you wish to go. Generally speaking, any penis plug longer than 5 inches is long. However, if you wish to go really deep and if you prefer only toys that are much longer, make sure to choose toys labeled as “super-long”. These are generally the longest urethral toys in the collection.

Here are some of the most popular long plugs for sounding you can use if you want to try something new:

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug, Pogo Stick Cum Thru Penis Plug, The Billy Club Penis Plug, The Clarinet Penis Plug, Tapered Elephant Dart Penis Plug, Magic Stick, The Rip Stick Flat Head Penis Plug, 8 Ball Cue Stick with Holding Ring, Extra Long Penis Plug, Custom Urethra Penis Plug & Glan’s Ring.

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