The Importance of Choosing the Right Piercing Studio

From lips to navel to nostrils and even genitals, piercings are getting more and more popular by the day. A quick trip to the piercing studio and you can be the proud owner of a beautiful jewelry piece adding grace to the already gorgeous you!

Piercing aftercare is a much talked about thing, and thus, most of us are well versed in that area. Here, let us look at a very important pre-piercing preparation – picking the right piercing studio. There are many, many studios out there which ‘claim’ to be the best, but you cannot just go by a claim and you must conduct some research to find a studio which actually is the best (as close to best as possible at least!).

To look around and conduct surveys might seem like a tedious task, and it probably is too. But it is much better than just picking a studio at random at diving headlong into the valley of infections, scarring, and allergies.

Things to look for in a piercing studio

• It should be run by a well versed and reputed professional. Ask around and know which studio has a better reputation and employs well trained licensed professionals. There is no formal training required by law in some states, so be extra careful.
• A dimly lit studio, with the piercer’s work area crammed into a corner should always be avoided. Without proper lighting and ample space, the piercer will hardly be able to do his job right!
• Make sure that the piercing studio is clean, and it should smell like a hospital. This is probably the most important thing. An unhygienic place is a definite threat! Unhygienic surroundings, unhygienic equipment and an unhygienic piercer; could there be a better recipe for an infected piercing?
• A good and proud piercer never fails to flaunt his portfolio. Do go through it. This way you will be able to assess a lot of things about the piercer and the studio; his experience, style and success rate to name a few.
• Have a look at the studio’s jewelry selection. It should comprise of not just one type of jewelry and/or material. One type of metal does not suit everyone, and neither does one type of jewelry! So make sure there is a good selection of both at the place you pick. ( of course you can always purchase your jewelry from an online store that only sells quality pieces suitable for the initial piercings souch as )

Taking care of a fresh piercing is tricky enough, getting it from the wrong place will make it even worse. A one time effort from your side will ensure that your piercings stay healthy and the aftercare is not cumbersome. Then, when asked, you can always say that getting a piercing was actually one of the most pleasant experiences of your life!

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3 thoughts on “The Importance of Choosing the Right Piercing Studio

  1. I have to say….. choosing a studio?? I only trust myself… I have done all 10 of my piercings at home… the one place I trust to be clean…. not to mention, the fact that “piercing studios” charge WAY too much money for what they really do…. I have pierced myself and my children… cleanly and without ill effects… study it, buy the tools from this site, and above all be sterile and clean…. screw payin a jerk $70.00 for a lip, when you can do it yourself for like $20.00…..

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