The Best Toys to Enlarge Ureathra

The Best Toys to Enlarge UreathraThose who want to enjoy urethral play know that it is not so easy to just start using urethral toys. While some beginner toys are ideal for beginners, those who are serious about urethral stimulation often needs larger and thicker toys. This is particularly true if you want to try deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. In order to be able to accommodate bigger toys such as long urethral sounds, it is necessary to enlarge ureathra first.

How to Enlarge Ureathra

It may sound painful or too complex, but it is actually not that hard to enlarge your ureathra. As long as you don’t force any toy down your penis and as long as you go slowly, you should be fine. There isn’t any specific rule on how to stretch your ureatrha. Basically, all you need to do is start using larger toys that will help you slowly stretch your urethra.

The best way to do it is to use plenty of lube and a toy of an appropriate size. It should not be way too thin but not too thick, either. This is why urethral stretchers work so great: they typically have segments of varying thickness so you can practice one segment at a time.

When it comes to lube, make sure it is sterile and safe for urethral play. A good choice is SurgiLube that even doctors use for examinations. In case you need help to apply lube deep enough, you may use a Lubricant Launcher Set.

Toys to Enlarge Ureathra

Here are some of the most popular urethral play toys that can help you enlarge ureathra:

Urethral stretchers and trainers. These handy toys are specifically designed to enlarge ureathra. They can help you train your urethra by slowly stretching it without pain. These toys are ideal for beginners who wish to stretch their urethra to be able to accommodate larger toys. Recommended products: Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set, Smooth Training Stretcher, Hohnberg Urethra Stretcher.

Penis plugs. These are among the smallest and most comfortable urethral toys you can try. While Penis plugs are not ideal for urethral stretching due to their relatively small size, they can sure help a beginner gain some initial stretch. This is why many people choose to start with penis plugs. Recommended products:Standard Penis Plug, Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug, Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug Set.

Beginner’s urethral sounds. While sounds tend to be too big for newbie stretching, they can help you enlarge ureathra. Indeed, some beginner users like to start their urethral play experimentation with urethral sounds. There is nothing wrong with this. If you find sounds comfortable and arousing, there is no reason not to start with them. Just make sure to go slowly and use plenty of lube. If you do it carefully, you can use sounds to enlarge ureathra. Recommended products: Hegar sounds, Rosebud sounds, Dittle sounds.

Urethral vibrators. While these toys are not just for stretching the urethra, they can help you enlarge ureathra by making you more familiar with the experience of urethral play. A nice penis vibrator is not too thick so even beginners can use it. This toy provides additional pleasure and deep vibrations that will make you aroused in no time. Recommended products: Vibrating Urethral Stepper, Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator, Small Vibrating Sound – Male Vibrator.

Happy sounding!

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