The Best Sounding Size for a Beginner

sounding size for a beginner

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There are many different urethral toys you can try. Many people prefer urethral sounds but you may also use numerous penis plugs made for pleasure. As a beginner, it is very important to use a toy that is of appropriate size. It means that it should roughly match the size of your urethra. This is the best way to start experimenting with urethral sounding. What is the best sounding size for a beginner and how to choose the best toy?

Choosing a Sounding Size for a Beginner

What is a sounding size for a beginner? If you are a newbie at urethral sounding, it is important to choose a toy that will suit your perfectly. Beginner users have a narrow urethra that is relatively small. Only stretching can make it larger and suitable for inserting thicker urethral toys. It means that beginner users can only insert certain size of urethral toys. These toys are relatively thin, although not the thinnest toys you can find.

This is why it’s so important to choose an appropriate sounding size for a beginner. If your urethral toy is too thick, it can cause pain, overstretching and other issues. On the other hand, toys that are too thin are not good, either. A thin toy can easily slip inside and cause trouble. Thin toys are difficult to control so they are not good for beginners. Not to mention that toys that are too thin can be sharp and cause a lot of trouble if you cannot control them. Because of this, make sure not to use toys that are too thin, at least until you gain some experience at urethral sounding.

Good Starting Sizes

So, what is a good sounding size for a beginner? This is the one that is not too thick nor too thin. Ideally, a urethral toy should be the same size as your urethra. Keep in mind that people’s anatomies vary so not everybody has the urethra of the same diameter. However, many people have a urethra that is about 6mm to 8mm in size before stretching. Some people have it as small as 4mm while others have a larger than 8mm urethra so keep in mind that there are variations. It means that you might need to try several beginner urethral toys before you find the one that suits you perfectly.

A good starting point would be a urethral toy that is around 6mm to 8mm thick. This is a good sounding size for a beginner. If you find out that it is too thick for you, try a smaller size but keep in mind that it is a bit hard to find a toy smaller than 6mm – in this case you might need to buy a whole kit and start with the smallest sound. If you find 8mm too thin for you, try 9mm and then 10mm. Make sure to go one mm bigger at a time: you don’t want to end up with a toy that is too thick for you.

Recommended Products

Looking for a nice urethral toy with a sounding size for a beginner? Here are some of the toys that we recommend:

Standard Penis Plug. This is a perfect beginner’s urethral toy. This gorgeous little plug comes in many different diameters, starting from 7mm. It means that you can find just a perfect size for your needs and experience joy of urethral stimulation.

Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug. This beautiful penis plug has a classic design that is ideal for beginners. You can choose between 7mm and 14mm plug. Beginners should choose the smaller one and start experimenting!

Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator. This is an excellent stepper that goes from just 5mm to 13mm. It is a great toy for stretching and training your urethra. As a beginner, you can insert just a tip to satisfy yourself.

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set. This is a great collection of soft, flexible urethral toys ideal for beginners. There are three urethral sounds in the set and the smallest one is only 5mm to 6mm in diameter. This is truly a great urethral toy set for beginners.

Old School Penis Plug. This penis plug includes numerous beads ideal for additional stimulation during use. The beads go from 7mm to 9mm, which makes this beautiful penis plug ideal for beginners.

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