The Best Scrotal Piercing

While penis piercings are the most common male genital piercings, they are not the only ones. In fact, a nice scrotal piercing is often very rewarding for the wearer. There are many scrotal piercings you can get and they make for a very striking visual sight. The best thing about scrotal piercings is that most of them do not go deep through the tissue. It means that they are not intense nor complex to get, so even those who are not into extreme piercings can get them without a problem.

What is a Scrotal Piercing?

A scrotal piercing is any body piercing done on the scrotum. While the majority of male genital piercings are done on the penis (typically on the penis head), a scrotal piercing is positioned on the scrotum.

These piercings are very striking and attractive. Unlike penis piercings, most of these scrotal piercings are not functional. It means that they do not enhance sexual pleasure, although creative people know how to use their scrotum piercings for the best. However, even without added pleasure, scrotal piercings look very striking and attractive so many men decide to get at least one.

A scrotal piercing is typically done in the middle, but this is not an absolute rule. Such a placement has a specific name: Hafada. Hafada is the most popular scrotal piercing of them all. This piercing goes through the skin alone and not through any deep tissue of the scrotum. It is quick to perform by an experienced piercer and doesn’t cause much pain.

Most people who get Hafada piercings have more than one. It is possible to get a series of Hafada piercings going down the scrotum, all the way from the base of the penis to the perineum. Such a row of Hafada piercings is known as a scrotal ladder. Many people who have a scrotal ladder also have a similar row of piercings going down the penis shaft. This is known as a Frenum ladder. It is possible to extend your frenum ladder all the way down to the perineum (a piercing on the perineum is known as Guiche piercing.)

Typical jewelry for a Hafada piercing is a ring or a small barbell. It is important to use only jewelry that is completely smooth so it’s not uncomfortable or dangerous when worn on the genital area.

Extreme Scrotal Piercings

Of course, a simple and quick scrotal piercing is not for everyone. Some people are looking for more extreme and complex scrotal piercings. Such piercings go through deep tissue and through the length of the scrotum. These are extreme forms of body modifications that are not for everyone.

These modifications are known as Transscrotal procedures. Unlike regular piercings, these are done with a scalpel. Not all piercers, even not all genital piercers, know how to perform these body modifications. Transscrotal procedures go through the scrotum from front to back.

These are always done at a large gauge. Typical jewelry for these body modifications is large gauge jewelry such as ear plugs and flesh tunnels. These can look very striking but keep in mind that these are definitely reserved for those who seek extreme body modifications. If you simply want an attractive scrotal piercing, a Hafada or several Hafada piercings will be more than enough.

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