The Best Prince Albert Dick Ring for Her Pleasure

PA Piercing JewelryPrince Albert (PA) piercings are great male genital piercings that can bring a lot of pleasure. It is not a secret that this piercing can enhance sensations during sex for both the wearer and his partner.

One thing to keep in mind if you wish to use PA piercing for enhancing sexual pleasure is that a lot depends on your PA jewelry. It is very important to choose the right Prince Albert jewelry that will improve sexual sensations for you and your partner without hurting you in the process.

So, what is the best Prince Albert dick ring for her pleasure? His pleasure? There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your PA jewelry made for enhancing sex for you and your partner.

Prince Albert as a Functional Piercing

One of the main reasons for choosing Prince Albert piercing is the effect it can bring. PA is one of the most famous functional piercings. Its placement allows it for heightened sexual pleasure and thus can be used to spice things up in the bedroom. Prince Albert piercing is great because it can enhance the pleasure for both the wearer and his partner.

This is true regardless of the partner’s gender: both men and women can enjoy sex with someone who has a PA piercing. Also, the type of sex often doesn’t matter. Both vaginal and anal intercourse can feel great with a partner who has a PA piercing and a nice PA jewelry.

For these reasons, it is not surprising that so many people enjoy their Prince Albert piercing to the fullest. Also, their partners enjoy what a good PA piercing can bring. This is a great functional piercing that can bring a lot of enjoyment. The best of all, PA piercings are not difficult to perform and they are not particularly complex nor painful. It means that most men can get a nice PA piercing without much trouble. This is a very rewarding piercing that doesn’t require a lot of your time and energy.

However, one of the most important things for ensuring full satisfaction for you and your partner when it comes to PA piercings is proper PA jewelry.

Best PA Jewelry for Sex

Generally speaking, PA jewelry can be used to improve sex and it rarely makes sexual contact uncomfortable even if it doesn’t enhance the experience. In other words, chances are that your partner will benefit from contact with your PA jewelry or will not have any problems with your jewelry. However, keep in mind that it’s individual: some people may find it uncomfortable during sexual encounter. As such, there is no guarantee that a PA ring will enhance your or your partner’s pleasure, but you should definitely try. After all, it does work for many people.

As a general rule, the larger PA ring the better it enhances the pleasure. When the ring is big enough its surface can nicely massage your partner’s sensitive spots. Sometimes, the bead on a Captive Bead Ring is the one that provides the best sensations for your partner. Another good jewelry type to use is a barbell with smooth beads. If you wish to enhance the pleasure for your partner but you don’t have a large gauge piercing make sure to buy jewelry with large beads. This way, the bead can provide some nice massaging and pleasurable feelings during sex. Beads often prove to be very successful at massaging a woman’s G-spot, which is a great way to enhance pleasure for your partner.

Whatever you do, make sure to choose jewelry with smooth beads and smooth exterior. It has to be something that will not hurt you or your partner. Smooth jewelry is needed for penis piercings and it becomes even more vital in the case of sexual intercourse with your jewelry on.

Stretching of Prince Albert Piercing for Better Sex

Keep in mind that Prince Albert piercings are usually done at gauges no smaller than 12 gauge or 10 gauge. It is not uncommon to get a PA piercing at 8 gauge, which is relatively large for an initial prince albert piercing size. However, this is vital for penis piercings where you don’t want your piercing to be too small. To small gauge means jewelry that is too thin, which can lead to the “cheese cutter effect” you sure want to avoid. For this reason, the smallest jewelry for PA piercings you will probably have will be 10 gauge or larger.

Many people choose to stretch their PA piercing. This is a very good piercing type for stretching: it stretches easily and without much problems. There are several advantages to stretching and enhanced sexual pleasure is one of them. Larger gauge of your piercing means larger gauge jewelry, which makes for a more pleasurable experience for the wearer and his partner. If you wish to enhance pleasure for your partner, consider stretching your PA piercing to 6 gauge, 4 gauge or even larger. This can make sex more explosive for the both of you.

In short, wearing larger jewelry in your PA piercing can greatly enhance the experience during sex for both you and your partner. However, make sure not to go overboard to the point where large gauge jewelry is uncomfortable. Also, keep in mind that while large gauge rings can feel great during vaginal and anal sex they may pose a problem during oral sex. Make sure to be careful during oral sex if you have large PA jewelry in place.

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