The Best Flexible Urethral Toys

Flexible Urethral ToysMost urethral toys are made of metal, typically Surgical Steel. These toys are strong, powerful and sturdy. They are intense and heavy, so many users with plenty of experience enjoy them to the fullest. However, metal toys are not the only quality urethral toys. There are also many flexible urethral toys use can use for pleasure.

These penis plugs, sounds and other toys are made of a softer material, typically silicone. They are strong enough to provide pleasurable sensations but also flexible enough to be fully comfortable.

Why Use Flexible Urethral Toys

There are many reasons why someone might want to use flexible urethral toys. First of all, they are soft and bendable so they adjust to your body perfectly. This is ideal for those who want to ensure a perfect fit. Newbie users will also appreciate this feature: flexible urethral toys are lightweight so they are not as overwhelming as the metal ones. They allow you to practice urethral play without too much intensity.

Another great feature of flexible urethral toys is comfort. While many metal toys are comfortable, due to their perfect smoothness, silicone urethral toys are less intimidating. They are great for beginner users who are still getting used to the feeling of urethral stimulation. This is a perfect opportunity for those who want to try urethral play but may be scared to start with metal toys.

Flexible urethral toys are also very sensual. Even users with more experience sometimes use them when they want something lighter and softer. These toys provide special sensations that many people like, regardless of the experience level. If you find many metal toys too overwhelming, flexible urethral toys are a perfect solution.

Silicone Urethral Toys

Keep in mind that most flexible urethral toys are silicone toys. It means that you can sterilize them without a problem so they are safe for the body. However, you should not use them with silicone lubricants: use water-based lube to keep your flexible urethral toys functional and safe.

These toys are also travel-friendly: flexible urethral toys are lighter than metal ones so it is much easier to carry them around. Not to mention that they don’t trigger metal detectors. No more embarrassing luggage searches or inspections at airports! Just pack them wherever you want and enjoy urethral play on the go.

Here are the best flexible urethral toys you can use:

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set is an excellent sound kit ideal for those who want to try urethral play without pain or discomfort. This collection includes three flexible urethral sounds you can use for training your urethra. The sounds are made of silicone so they are very tender to your urethra while being powerful enough to allow you to experience arousing sensations.

The sounds are of graduating sizes so you can slowly stretch your urethra as you move from smaller sizes to the bigger ones. All sounds are around 8 inches in length. The smallest sound is 5mm to 6mm in diameter, the medium sound is 7mm to 8mm in diameter and the biggest one is 9mm to 10mm in diameter. The best of all: these urethral sounds are truly flexible so they bend with your body for a perfect fit! This is a perfect kit for exploring urethral play in a safe and comfortable manner.

Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug Set

Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug Set is a perfect toy for those who want to experiment with penis plugs in the most comfortable way possible. These excellent silicone penis plugs are soft and flexible so they provide a perfect fit for your urethra. At the same time, they are strong enough to provide great stimulation that will arouse and pleasure you. The kit contains three amazing penis plugs ideal for beginners. All of the plugs are hollow so all the fluids can freely pass through; you can cum and urinate without taking your plug out! Each plug has its own texture made for special sensations so they will make for a perfect erotic experience.

Silicone Cum-Thru D-Ring Penis Plug

Silicone Cum-Thru D-Ring Penis Plug is a beautifully-designed toy ideal for those who want a super comfortable experience. This plug is strong enough to provide intense sensations yet very flexible so it nicely bends with your body. It provides a pain-free experience even for the beginner users. This plug is about 2 ½ inches long and it has 9mm diameter for a fully sensual experience. The plug features a handy D-ring that can serve as a handle and provides a safe experience. This plug is hollow so it allows you to urinate and ejaculate without taking it off.

Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound

Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound is a perfect urethral toy for those who are looking for something extra. Vibrating sounds are famous for their power so they take the experience to a completely new level. These male vibrators are very popular among those who want additional stimulation during sounding. However, most of these vibrators are metal ones. They are sturdy and heavy, so they are not always ideal for beginner users. Luckily, there is a solution: a vibrating silicone sound! This is an excellent male sex toy that gives deep vibrations without being uncomfortable. The sound offers 2 ½ inches of insertable length and it offers 6mm diameter for your pleasure. The toy requires 5 tab (watch) batteries which come in the package. Just lube it up and enjoy!

Dark Rod Vibrating Beaded Silicone Sound

Dark Rod Vibrating Beaded Silicone Sound is a very special toy for those who appreciate both comfort and intensity. This is a nice silicone sound that feels incredibly comfortable and provides amazing sensations. At the same time, this urethral sound is powerful enough for those who crave intensity. It offers arousing beads that go from 4mm to 8mm for the most erotic experience imaginable. The sound offers 6 inches of insertable length. It also comes with a vibrating feature – just buy an AAA battery (not included) and let the fun begin!

InSerpent Penis Plug with Hose

InSerpent Penis Plug with Hose is a powerful urethral toy ideal for those who are into fetish play. The tip of this toy is a metal penis plug, so it is not a fully silicone device. However, it offers plenty of comfort for those who want to try some steamy BDSM play. The plug attaches to a flexible hose so you can shoot your load all over the place! Drink your cum or have someone else taste it, you can do all of it with this 36 inch long hose. The plug itself tapers from 6mm to 9mm in diameter for a fully sensual experience. You can also use this device to direct your urine wherever you want it. A perfect urethral toy for those who like fetish play.

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