The 411 on Some Uncommon and Daring Body Piercings

No matter how popular or common piercings get, there are always some special ones which remain reserved for the daring few. And this does not apply men alone. Women are as much a part of the world of exotic piercings as men are. Here is a look at some of the most uncommon piercings. Only the most daring have the courage to get these and actually flaunt them.

Corset Piercing – A corset piercing is made up of a series of surface piercings on the back, which are done to imitate the appearance of the lacing on the back of a corset. Two rows of bilaterally symmetrical piercings are made. These can be composed of as few as four piercings (two on each side) to as many as the complete length of the back. Due to the difficulty and risks associated with permanently healing single surface piercings, most corset piercings are intended to be temporary in nature.

Madison Piercing – A Madison piercing goes through the skin at the front of the neck. A surface piercing, this type experiences a very high rate of migration and rejection. The healing period is very long. Also, there is always a very good chance that a Madison piercing might never completely heal.

Princess Albertina Piercing – Princess Albertina is a female genital piercing in which a ring enters the urethra and exits through the top of the vagina. One of the rarest genital piercings, its placement is difficult and the potential for urinary tract infections may be increased by this piercing. The piercing’s name comes from the fact that it is analogous to the male Prince Albert piercing.

Hand Web Piercing – A hand web piercing is placed through the loose skin between two fingers, mostly between the fore finger and middle finger or the fore finger and thumb. Being a surface piercing, hand web piercing has a very high rate of migration and/or rejection. Typically, the body jewelry used is a barbell or a captive bead ring.

Exotic piercings are perfect for those who want to turn heads wherever they go and live life on the edge. If you are one such daredevil, go right ahead and get an exotic piercing, guaranteed to get you noticed everywhere! Take good care of it and flaunt it by adorning it with the best body jewelry pieces.

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