Testicles Slipping Out of the Ball Stretcher: What to Do?

~ Jack Williams

I have the right size and even went up a size but my right nut at times slips out. Any suggestions?

Ball StretchingA testicle slipping out of the ball stretcher is not an uncommon problem. Most of the time, it does happen because the device is not of the proper size. It may also happen because the person uses too much lube. However, it is important to understand that this sort of things is not so much of a problem if it happens only periodically.

Of course, it can be very embarrassing if it happens in public or at a wrong time, so it is understandable that you want to understand why it’s happening and how to stop it. However, keep in mind that a testicle slipping out only occasionally is generally not a sign that there is something wrong with your ball stretcher.

Wrong Size: Testicles Slipping Out

Most of the time, a testicle slipping out of the ball stretcher is a problem that happens because of an improper fit. Having a good fit with your ball stretcher is absolutely crucial. You need a stretched of the right size for it to work perfectly.

Keep in mind that you might think that your stretcher is of the right size but it is still not a perfect fit. Unlike many other sex toys and devices, ball stretchers need a very precise fit. It means that there is often not so much difference between two sizes, but even the little difference is important. You may think that a quarter of an inch won’t make a problem, but think again. While it might be that your ball stretcher is of a good size, keep in mind that every fraction of an inch makes a difference.

This is why many people need to try different sizes before they find the one that gives a perfect fit. Sometimes, it may seem that a ball stretcher is good but once you try a different size you realize that it actually feels better. It happens a lot.

Also, since every fraction of an inch makes a difference, it inevitably means that some people might be between sizes. In these situations, it is okay to go with the nearest size – this is the one that will give you the best fit, even if it’s not perfect. The good news here is that your ball stretcher will work even if the fit is not perfect. The bad news is that you might encounter less than ideal situations, such as testicles slipping out.

Finally, keep in mind that a ball stretcher might be a good fit when you buy it, but it might become too large after a while. As you stretch your balls, your scrotum becomes elongated and thus thinner. It means that a stretcher than once fit perfectly is now a bit too large for your testicles. In these situations, people might think about buying a smaller ball stretcher to use in the future.

What If it’s the Right Size?

Wrong size is the main source of trouble with ball stretchers and slippage, but what if it is a good fit? What if your ball stretcher is of the right size and your testicles still slip out? Here are some tips on what to do in this situation:

  • How often does it happen? A testicle slipping out once in a while is not so much of a problem in itself, but a constant hassle does point out that something is wrong with your ball stretcher.
  • How much lube do you use? Lube is great for making stretchers more comfortable but it also makes everything more slippery. Try reducing lubes and sees what happens.
  • Keep in mind that it might just be the issue of “good” vs. “perfect” fit. It might be that you are between sizes. This is okay – even a good fit will provide results, but minor problems such as occasional slippage are to be expected.
  • A lot depends on one’s individual anatomy. Not all ball stretchers are perfect for all people, so you might consider trying a different design. Even a small change in design might make a lot of difference.
  • How tall (thick) is your stretcher? Some people have more issues with thin, ring-like stretchers than the taller, thicker ones. Other people have the opposite experience. Try stretchers of different thickness to see if the problem is solved.
  • Do you stack stretchers? Some people claim that the additional weight make slippage more common. Try removing some of the stretchers if this is the case to see if there is any change.
  • Try stretchers of a different material. For example, if you are only using metal ones, try leather stretchers and see how they behave. While feeling and results vary between different materials, it is important to see what kind of a stretcher fits you best.
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