Testicle Stretching Problem: Balls are Too Close to the Body

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I cant get my balls away from my body far enough to get anything around them.

Balls are Too Close to the BodyBall stretching is a great way to have longer balls and to get those impressive low hangers. There are many great ball stretchers, ball weights and other ball stretching devices you can use to achieve this goal.

However, it is not always easy in the beginning. Some beginner users may find that their balls are too close to the body to put anything around them. What to do in this situation?

What if the Balls are Too Close to the Body?

There are many men who have a bit of a natural hang. These men have larger scrotum that hangs away from the body, especially when it’s warm. For these people, starting with ball stretching is not much of a problem: they can simply start using ball stretchers and move their way from there.

However, not all people are like this. In fact, there are some people whose balls are too close to the body. These people can’t seem to be able to put anything around their testicles. In this situation, it might be very difficult or even impossible to put anything around the balls, let alone a full ball stretcher.

This is a notable problem for those who want to start ball stretching. If you have a problem like this, remember that you are hardly alone. There are simply some people who don’t have much (if any) natural hang.

If this is the case for you, don’t despair. Chances are that you, too, will be able to wear ball stretchers and to stretch balls effectively. However, keep in mind that you will need to make some effort and time in order to be able to use ball stretching devices.

Tips for Putting on a Ball Stretcher

If your balls are too close to the body, here are some tips on how to manage to put on your balls stretchers. Keep in mind that you will probably need to dedicate some time and effort into it, so don’t give up. In many cases, it won’t happen overnight so you need to work for it. However, with some time and effort chances are that you will be able to wear your ball stretchers without a problem.

Here are tips for putting on a ball stretcher if your balls are too close to the body:

  • Do preparation exercises. Many beginners need to do some preparation before they put their stretchers on. A preparation involves making your balls as relaxed as possible. Even those with very tight balls that are close to the body do have a bit of a hang. To make your balls relaxed, take a warm bath and dry your testicles properly. After this, massage your balls slowly in a warm enough environment to make them fully relaxed. You may need to repeat these exercises daily until you spot some improvements.
  • Choose proper ball stretchers. Beginners, especially those whose balls are too close to the body, should stick to thin ball stretching devices. Thin ball stretchers are those that are not too tall. In other words, they resemble thin rings that go around the scrotum. Stay away from tall, massive ball stretchers for now. Seek for something thin enough to fit between your body and your balls. You can always move to thicker ball stretchers later.
  • Use lube. Lube is your friend when it comes to ball stretching. While you don’t want to go overboard it does help to massage your scrotum with some shea oil or regular lube. It will help it soften and become more relaxed and elongated.
  • Be patient. Those whose balls are too close to the body will need to work for their ball stretching results. You need to dedicate some time and a lot of effort. Do not be discouraged if it doesn’t happen straight away: just keep performing exercises, massage your balls regularly and you should eventually be able to position your ball stretchers.
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