Knuckle Piercing – Knock Out Body Piercing Trend

A kind of hand piercing – Knuckle piercing – is not done on the metacarpals or your knuckle joints but the spaces between them. So if you thought that your punches could be made more deadly then you are hoping a bit too much. Anyhow, keeping the violence at bay (because when piercing gets in the way of impact it can get really bad), let’s see what knuckles piercing is all about.

Knuckles piercing is usually done with curved barbells. Both single and multiple piercings can be done on between knuckles. Compared to others, knuckle piercings are high risk piercings as these tend to get stuck in the pockets or brush against surroundings. These do not get in the way of daily activities though and are pretty unique.

Knuckle Piercing – Not Everybody’s Game

Knuckle piercing looks great however, its also one of the most vulnerable body piercing. Infection,  rejection and migration are just some of the risks that knuckle piercing may have. The risk is a tad bit higher in case of knuckle piercing.

There’s another kind of piercing that complements knuckle piercing, known as hand web piercing. Hand piercing is also risky as there’s a lot of hand movement in daily life. So anyone with a hand piercing has to be doubly careful of say running fingers through hair, opening and closing doors or picking up stuff and even shaking hands.

An absolute knock out piercing trend, knuckle piercing is perhaps not for novices but piercing enthusiasts already familiar with painful pleasures.