Gifts to give your Lover for Christmas Now!

Here is a handy list of gifts you can give your partner this Christmas. The Chain Gang presents high-quality, durable and beautifully designed adult toys and body jewelry.

Gifts for Her

22mm Thick Vibrator

22mm Thick VibratorThis is a beautiful and elegant metal vibrator perfect for all ladies who like sex toys. The vibrator is made of surgical steel so it’s body-safe, durable and perfectly smooth. The toy is long and slim so it provides perfect comfort even on deep penetration. It’s sturdy and super-hard so it gives that strong, intense stimulation that will make any woman orgasm.

Julian Snelling French Lover Dildo

Julian Snelling French Lover DildoThis excellent metal dildo has 7 inches of smooth surgical steel made for pure pleasure. The toy is specially designed to provide the best vaginal and anal stimulation. It has 4 pleasure bumps and a large, egg-shaped head. This … read more

Tighten Up Girls!

OK. Are you exercising regularly? I’m not talking about jogging or pilates, I’m talking about exercising your vagina with a British Vaginal Barbell. If you don’t know that you have muscles down there that can be tightened up and toned for a better sex life, then let me help get you in shape.

First of all, do this for yourself. Often us ladies think just about our partners pleasure, but do this for you, and I promise, the effects your partner will have will shock you. Exercising your vaginal muscles improves your sexual health and general health. It helps relax you, insures bladder control, and makes your partner go boom boom.

This can be used for your kegel exercises to strengthen the bladder, so even if you are not looking for a better sexual experience, this is a great … read more