Can You Hit the Prostate from Sounding?

Hit the Prostate from SoundingThere are many different ways to go about your urethral sounding. Some people prefer shallow insertion that doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis. Others like deep urethral stimulation that can go all the way down to the prostate or even bladder. Yes, you can hit the prostate from sounding. In fact, this is one of the best ways to experience prostate stimulation.

How to Hit the Prostate from Sounding

It is actually not that difficult to hit the prostate from sounding, but you need to be careful. Once you past the base of your penis and go deeper, you will reach the prostate. It is located not too deep past the base of the penis. It means that even the medium-size urethral toys can reach it.

The best way to experience prostate massage with sounding is … read more

How to Avoid Urethra Play Burning

Urethra Play BurningUrethral play (or urethra play, as some people call it) can bring a lot of pleasure. However, it is also an activity that brings certain risks. It is important to take all the precautions to minimize these risks. The main risks associated with urethral stimulation are injuries and urinary tract infections. There are also some smaller and more common problems, such as urethra play burning. 

What is Urethra Play Burning?

Urethra play burning is any burning or discomfort that comes as a result of urethral stimulation. This is a very common problem and most people who engage in urethral play will experience it at one point or another.

Burning typically comes from over-rubbing the urethral walls. It is more common in the cases of rough play or among beginners who are only starting to experiment with urethral stimulation. It … read more

Is a Guyon Sound the Right Choice for Me?

Guyon SoundGuyon sounds are one of the most extreme and intense urethral toys you can use. They are ideal for users with plenty of experience who want to experience deep and truly extreme sensations. Casual users might not know about these sounds but there are plenty of those who just love them. If you are into extreme forms of urethral play, then a sturdy Guyon sound can fulfill all of your fantasies.

The Main Thing about Guyon Sounds

Guyon sounds are sturdy metal sounds ideal for deep urethral play. They have a very strong curve so the overall shape of the toy resembles a question mark. While most urethral toys for deep sounding have a curve to accommodate natural shape of the urethra, Guyon sounds take this one step further.

The curve is so strong so it definitely makes for some … read more

Is There a Special Toy for Milking Prostate?

Special Toy for Milking ProstateProstate milking is a highly powerful and sensual activity. It differs from general ejaculation and it can bring very specific sensations. Many people who are into BDSM love prostate milking. However, you don’t have to be into BDSM to try this out. If you want to try prostate milking or to get the best out of this technique, it is important to use proper devices. This is why it best to use a special toy for milking prostate.

What is a Special Toy for Milking Prostate?

There are many different techniques you can try for prostate milking. Some people prefer to do it by hand, by simply inserting a finger into their partner’s anus and finding the prostate to tease and milk.

However, prostate milking often works best if you do it with a toy. This way, you can make … read more

When Is Peehole Insertion Dangerous?

Peehole Insertion Dangerous

Double Trouble Cock Stick Sound

Peehole insertion, also known as urethral stimulation, is an exciting sexual activity. Both men and women engage in this sort of sexual play. Since this is a still lesser-know form of sexual stimulation, many people wonder about safety. Is peehole insertion dangerous?

Is Peehole Insertion Dangerous?

Many people want to know how safe is urethral stimulation. Is peehole insertion dangerous? It is important to say that urethral play is an activity that brings certain risks but it is possible to have safe and enjoyable experience. This is why it is so important to inform yourself about all aspects of urethral play, including the potentially unsafe situations.

Here are the Top 5 situations that make peehole insertion dangerous:

 1. Not Using Proper Toys

The most common thing that makes peehole insertion dangerous are improper toys. … read more

How to Sanitize Rods for Safe Sounding?

Sanitize Rods for Safe Sounding

Ribbed Urethral Sound

I so get off on sounding my cock…I use my precum as lube so…how do I sanitize rods for safe sounding? I have had a couple of UTIs and want to avoid future ones. Thanks!

~ Lonnie

It is undeniable that urethral play can be so powerful and arousing. Those who like it, often claim that it is the most satisfying sexual experience that they can imagine. Because it is so powerful, urethral play is something that many people want to do often. The trouble with urethral stimulation is that it can bring certain problems such as UTIs and other issues. This is why it is crucial to stay safe during all stages of urethral play. One of the most important things to know is how to sanitize rods for safe sounding. Remember, without sterilization there is … read more

What Lube to Use with Urethral Sounds?

what lube to use for urethral sounds

Surgilube Lubricating Jelly

Urethral sounding is incredibly satisfying but it also brings certain risks. This is why it is so important to take all precautions to minimize issues. There are many things that can go wrong during urethral sounding, from hurting yourself to causing urinary tract infections. Luckily, a good lube can help you prevent or even eliminate those issues. What lube to use for urethral sounds?

Different Lubricants

There are many different lubricants you can use for sexual activities. Water-based, silicone, oil-based, lube with flavors, lube that lasts super-long and anything in between. There are hundreds of different products you can try. Some are there to provide a super-comfortable and smooth experience. Others are made to taste and smell nice. Some lubricants are formulated to last for long periods of time while others have special ingredients that will … read more

Lady Sounding Tips

Lady SoundingSome people consider urethral play something that only men can enjoy, but many women know that this is simply not true. There are women who like to insert toys into the urethra for a super-powerful feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Lady sounding may not be as famous as male sounding but it doesn’t mean that it’s non-existent. If you are a woman who wants to try urethral play or just to learn more about it, here are some lady sounding tips you can follow.

Lady Sounding: Difficult or Not?

For many women, the idea of inserting something into the urethra sounds foreign. After all, the urethral opening is so small – how is it possible to insert anything into it. And how is it possible that it feels pleasurable?

The thing is that urethra can be very sensitive and massaging … read more

How Far Can You Sound Down Your Penis?

How Far Can You Sound Down Your PenisOne of the best things about urethral sounding is that it offers so many new sensations you can experience. Some people like the feeling of cumming with a urethral toy inside. Others love to be all filled up. There are also people who prefer urethral play that goes very deep. But how far can you sound down your penis?

How Far Can You Sound Down Your Penis: The Answer

How far can you sound down your penis? This is something that many fans of urethral play wonder. Beginner users are particularly curious about this, be it for safety reasons or to learn more about the exciting things that await for them.

The truth is that you can sound very, very far and very deep. Technically, it is not correct to ask “how far can you sound down your penis” but … read more

Where to Get a Penis Plug 13mm?

Penis Plug 13mmThere are many different sizes of penis plugs you can try for satisfaction. Some of them are short and smooth while others are longer and come with additions such as glans rings or texture. It is very important to choose a penis plug depending on your experience level and comfort. For example, a thick penis plug or another urethral toy is good only for users with plenty of experience. Is penis plug 13mm a thick or a thin one? Since this is a standard size that we carry it is important to understand what kind of a toy is a penis plug 13mm.

Penis Plug 13mm: Big or Small?

The first thing you need to understand about a penis plug 13mm is that this is a urethral toy that has 13mm in thickness. This is considered big by most urethral … read more