Will Sounding Make Dick Bigger?

There are many advantages of urethral sounding, but does it make your dick bigger? Men who are into urethral play often wonder about this. Will sounding make dick bigger? Is there any correlation between urethral stimulation and penis size?

Will Sounding Make Dick Bigger: A Short Answer

Will sounding make dick bigger? A short answer is that it depends. Generally speaking, urethral play is not a form of penis enlargement. This is not what it’s there for. This is why it’s not always easy to study the effects or come to a definite conclusion.

Some users and avid sounding experts claim that they have noticed some penis elongation as a result of urethral sounding. After all, sounding involves a lot of pulling and stretching your penis from the inside.

Another group of people claim that there is a noticeable … read more

Orgasms from Urethral Sounding

What are orgasms from urethral sounding like? Many people who are interested in urethral play want to know this. Those who are familiar with sounding claim that the orgasm is heightened with a toy inside of the urethra, but in what way? Is such an orgasm worth the trouble needed to learn urethral insertion?

What are Orgasms from Urethral Sounding Like?

A toy inside of the urethra massages some of your most sensitive spots in a new way. It massages your penis from the inside, which is not something you can otherwise experience. For women, a toy inside of the urethra puts a pleasurable pressure on the clitoris and the vagina in a new way, from places that are not possible to reach otherwise. 

This changes the whole stimulation and provides for some very new, very exciting moments. You get … read more

What if Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep?

One of the most important things to remember about urethral sounding is to know your limit. This is the only way to have an enjoyable time and to keep yourself safe. What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This is definitely one of the problems you may encounter during urethral sounding.

What If a Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep: A Solution

What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This can cause many people to panic, but don’t worry. It is actually not possible to lose a urethral toy inside of the body. Whatever happens, chances are that you will be able to retrieve your sound from the penis. Of course, if this proves out to be difficult, make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The fact that you cannot lose a urethral toy is not … read more

How to Retrieve Sound from Penis

Urethral sounding can be extremely powerful and pleasurable. It is not unusual to get lost in the moment. Or to push your toy a bit deeper into the penis than you want. In these situations, a sound might simply slip down the pee hole and get lost inside. How to retrieve sound from penis? Is this a huge problem?

Is It Difficult to Retrieve Sound from Penis?

If your sound or another urethral toy slips down the penis, do not panic. While it may seem that a toy is lost, it really cannot go that deep. A toy cannot get lost inside of the body because urethra has a beginning and an end. The end is your pee hole, even though it is an entry when inserting sounds. The beginning is the bladder. A sound cannot go deeper than … read more

Thick Urethra Plugs

There are many different types of urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Thick urethra plugs are ideal for those users with plenty of experience and those who want more intense, extreme toys. While these penis plugs and urethral sounds are not for everyone, it is important to remember that these can bring a lot of satisfaction for people who are really into those intense sensations.

Are Thick Urethra Plugs for Me?

If you want to try thick urethra plugs, you need to ask yourself whether those toys are a good choice for you. While these can be very powerful and pleasurable, it is also important to understand that they can be too overwhelming and too intense for some users.

Furthermore, it is a matter of anatomy. If your urethra is not wide enough, thick urethra plugs will simply … read more

What are the Best Toys for My Pee Hole?

If you wan to enjoy urethral play, you will need appropriate toys. It is very important to only use toys that are designed for urethral stimulation. What are the best toys for my pee hole? They will depend on numerous factors, such as your experience level, your anatomy and your preferences.

Insert a Toy into the Pee Hole

What if I want toys for my pee hole? You need to understand that it is not actually a toy for your pee hole. A pee hole is just an entrance (or, more correctly, an exit) of the urethra. You will be inserting toys through the pee hole, yes, but those toys will go into the urethra. This is a canal that leads from the pee hole all the way to the bladder.

Why is this distinction important? Because urethral play … read more

Sounding Rods Pros & Cons

Sounding Rods Pros & ConsSounding rods are among the most popular urethral toys. These are typically longer urethral sounds or wands that are ideal for deep urethral play. However, even some shorter toys are sometimes called “sounding rods”, which creates a confusion. If you want to try these toys, it is important to know sounding rods pros & cons so you can make the right choice for yourself.

What Are Sounding Rods?

There are many different types of sounding rods you can use for pleasure. Generally speaking, those are long or super-long urethral toys that can reach deep into the urethra for prostate massage. Sounding rods are always much longer than they are thick. However, some urethral toys that are not super-long can also be called “sounding rods”. What is important is that the toy is much longer than it is thick.

It … read more

Are penis plugs safe?

are penis plugs safePenis plugs are great toys for beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time. These urethral toys are smaller than urethral sounds, so they are great for newbies. However, it is important to understand potential risks associated with urethral stimulation before you use these toys. Are penis plugs safe? How to use them without a problem?

Are Penis Plugs Safe: The Answer

If you wish to use urethral toys such as penis plugs, it is important to take safety into account. Are penis plugs safe? The short answer is yes: penis plugs are safe. However, it is important to know how to use these urethral toys to avoid risks and other problems. Also, it is incredibly important to use only proper penis plugs. That is, those urethral toys that are specifically designed to be inserted into the … read more

Sounding and Burning Urethra

Sounding and Burning UrethraUrethral sounding can be very exciting and pleasurable. However, one of the most common side-effects of this sexual activity is burning. You can encounter this burning during, or after urethral play. In order to stay safe, it is important to tell the difference between normal burning and something that is more alarming. Sounding and burning urethra kind of go together before you get used to the sensation of urethral stimulation. However, some people experience this burning even when they gain more experience. If you are one of the people who get burning during or after sounding, keep in mind that this is normal, most of the time. However, it is important to know to recognize trouble when it happens.

Sounding and Burning Urethra: Normal or Not?

Urethral toys rub against the urethral walls to produce pleasurable sensations. Many people … read more

What to Use as a Sounding Lube?

Sounding LubeSounding can be a very exciting activity but it can also bring certain risks. In order to stay safe, it is crucial to understand how to protect yourself during urethral sounding. One of those precautions includes choosing appropriate sounding lube. Such a lube should make urethral stimulation arousing but also safe. Since there are many risks associated with this activity, choosing the right lube becomes extremely important.

Risks of Urethral Play and Sounding Lube

How does sounding lube relate to risks of urethral play? As you probably know, the two main problems of urethral play are infections and injuries. Infections typically happen in a form or urinary tract infections (UTIs) and are caused by bacteria inside of the urethra. These bacteria come directly from the outside, typically by using non-sterile urethral toys or dirty hands. However, bacteria can also … read more