Will it be Body Ink or Body Jewelry or Both?

Body jewelry and body ink have never been like north and south, in fact each adds to the appeal of the other. These two trends are the most popular tools of body modifications. While body ink literally inscribes your attitude on your body, body jewelry puts you in the Glitterati club!

Generally those who go for a tattoo also go for body piercing or vice versa.

We’re not going to indulge in ‘this-is-better-than-that’ debates. Tattoos or body piercing or both of them together – are simply what makes people get up and take note of you!

And there’s no limit to how wild can tattoo art and body piercing can get. From getting a tattoo in the most bizarre places on the body to getting your eye ball pierced, body modification seems now to be defying the conventions of the avant-gardist world!

Whether Body Tattoo or Body Piercing – The coolness has to come with age

Like all other unusual things, body modifications does not come that easy. One has to be ready both in body and mind to get either. There is an age limit which many teens try to defy.

Since both body piercing and tattoos involve needles, sharp piercing equipment and obviously pain – a minor would not be able to take it and should not, even if he or she thinks they can. Body piercing or getting a tattoo can lead to health hazards if you do it before age.

Also for either go to a professional piercer and tattoo artist!

Show the world your personality with ink/ body jewelry and dare to be different.

Prejudice against your body piercings and tattoos

Cute Girl with Pierced Mom

This Cute Little Girl’s Mom may have a Piercing.
OMG !!

In today’s society, when you hear the word discrimination most people automatically think of skin color or ethnicity. Well that is by far not the only times that it happens. People seem to be judging other people on wider array of items then ever before.

Whether its by their skin color, their origin, the clothes they are wearing, their religion, the car they drive, where they live, their hair style, their tattoos, their body piercings, or any other body modifications. They have always said “you should never judge a book”. I guess that now we have to add “or by its pretty pictures or its Spiral Binding” to the end of that saying?

Just to be clear, if you prejudge someone by their piercing jewelry, tattoos, skin color, or any other factor other then direct experience with that person, you just might miss out on a really good friend at the very least, and YOU ARE PREJUDICE.

A few years ago for instance, According to Chanel 17 KGET News a little girl was turned away by a local pediatrician, because of Her Mothers tattoos and body piercing jewelry. The doctor said “he is just following his beliefs, and creating a Christian atmosphere for his patients. He even has a sign on the wall that states “This is a private office Appearance and Behavior standards Apply”. I really do not think that the majority of Christians think that it is Christian to turn away an innocent little girl in need of medical treatment because you don’t like the way her mother looks or thinks. At least I hope not.

This is just crazy, people are taking there beliefs a little to far when they deny a child medical attention because their parents have tattoos. The mother brought her child in to the office due to the girl being in pain from an an ear infection, and was asked to cover the tattoos which she did do. She never should have had to even do that in my opinion, especially to get medical service for here daughter. Yes this was in 2007 but still those very same prejudices live on today, and 6 years later it is really getting annoying to say the least.

There are many people that are tattooed ( or pierced ) like Angelina Jolie-Pitt who is a very famous woman and role model to many because of her charity.

Angelina Jolie Pitt with tattoo showing CREDIT: Malibu MediaDo you think this doctor would deny her children medical attention? In all honesty, I think that he probably would have actually, because I think that he is that ignorant.

We need to wake up as a society and learn to accept people for who they are instead of judging them for who we think they look like. Life is to short to be judging people because they are pierced or Tattooed or 50 other reasons.

Naturally these are all my personal opinions, but it makes me sad to think that a Doctor can have a profitable medical practice with guidelines such as the ones that he sets, because that means that there is enough people that either feel the same way, or just don’t care about how others are treated, to keep him in business.