Will Sounding Make Dick Bigger?

There are many advantages of urethral sounding, but does it make your dick bigger? Men who are into urethral play often wonder about this. Will sounding make dick bigger? Is there any correlation between urethral stimulation and penis size?

Will Sounding Make Dick Bigger: A Short Answer

Will sounding make dick bigger? A short answer is that it depends. Generally speaking, urethral play is not a form of penis enlargement. This is not what it’s there for. This is why it’s not always easy to study the effects or come to a definite conclusion.

Some users and avid sounding experts claim that they have noticed some penis elongation as a result of urethral sounding. After all, sounding involves a lot of pulling and stretching your penis from the inside.

Another group of people claim that there is a noticeable … read more

Orgasms from Urethral Sounding

What are orgasms from urethral sounding like? Many people who are interested in urethral play want to know this. Those who are familiar with sounding claim that the orgasm is heightened with a toy inside of the urethra, but in what way? Is such an orgasm worth the trouble needed to learn urethral insertion?

What are Orgasms from Urethral Sounding Like?

A toy inside of the urethra massages some of your most sensitive spots in a new way. It massages your penis from the inside, which is not something you can otherwise experience. For women, a toy inside of the urethra puts a pleasurable pressure on the clitoris and the vagina in a new way, from places that are not possible to reach otherwise. 

This changes the whole stimulation and provides for some very new, very exciting moments. You get … read more

How to Retrieve Sound from Penis

Urethral sounding can be extremely powerful and pleasurable. It is not unusual to get lost in the moment. Or to push your toy a bit deeper into the penis than you want. In these situations, a sound might simply slip down the pee hole and get lost inside. How to retrieve sound from penis? Is this a huge problem?

Is It Difficult to Retrieve Sound from Penis?

If your sound or another urethral toy slips down the penis, do not panic. While it may seem that a toy is lost, it really cannot go that deep. A toy cannot get lost inside of the body because urethra has a beginning and an end. The end is your pee hole, even though it is an entry when inserting sounds. The beginning is the bladder. A sound cannot go deeper than … read more

What are the Best Toys for My Pee Hole?

If you wan to enjoy urethral play, you will need appropriate toys. It is very important to only use toys that are designed for urethral stimulation. What are the best toys for my pee hole? They will depend on numerous factors, such as your experience level, your anatomy and your preferences.

Insert a Toy into the Pee Hole

What if I want toys for my pee hole? You need to understand that it is not actually a toy for your pee hole. A pee hole is just an entrance (or, more correctly, an exit) of the urethra. You will be inserting toys through the pee hole, yes, but those toys will go into the urethra. This is a canal that leads from the pee hole all the way to the bladder.

Why is this distinction important? Because urethral play … read more

Sex Toy That Go Into Penis

There are many sex toys you can use for urethral stimulation. A men sex toy that go into penis will go into the urethra. This is a perfect tool for urethral play, for people who are into this sort of a thing. While not all people enjoy urethral stimulation, it is important to say that there are many who do enjoy it. So yes, there are many adult toys you can insert into your penis for the purpose of urethral sounding.

What Kind of a Sex Toy That Go Into Penis?

If you want a reliable and safe sex toy that go into penis, it is important to choose it carefully. Not all things you insert into your pee hole are good for you. You should never use random, household objects for this purpose. Even if an adult toy … read more

How to Use Electro Van Buren Sound?

Van Buren sounds are excellent urethral toys for those who want to try deep urethral play and prostate massage. They have a specific curve on one end that fits nicely with the natural curves of the urethra. There are many different types of Van Buren sounds you can use. Those who are into e-stim may want to seek an opportunity to use electro Van Buren sound.

What is an Electro Van Buren Sound?

An electro Van Buren sound is a urethral toy that is specially made of electro stimulation (e-stim). These toys are used with special electro sex boxes, so they provide more intensity and specific sensations to the user. Namely, an electro Van Buren sound is a Van Buren sound that you can attach to your favorite electro sex box for added intensity.

It is important to only use … read more

What Makes Henk Sounds Special?

Henk soundsHenk sounds, also known as Hank sounds, are urethral toys great for many different users. You don’t have to be an expert in urethral sounding to use them, but it is best to have at least some experience. These urethral toys can go deep enough to provide intense stimulation, but they are not designed for ultra-deep urethral play or extreme sensations. There are many different ways to enjoy these toys so you need to try them on and see what works best for you.

What Sets Henk Sounds Apart from Other Urethral Toys?

There are many different urethral toys you can use for pleasure. Henk sounds are popular toys, but they are not as common as some other types of urethral sounds, such as Hegar sounds. So, why use Hank sounds? What makes these toys special and worthy of … read more

Male Urethra Play Toys: What is the Difference?

Male Urethra Play ToysThere are more and more men discovering the joy of urethral stimulation. This is an intense yet rewarding sexual activity that can bring so many new sensations. While urethral play is not for everyone, it is undeniable that there are so many people who enjoy this type of sexual activities to the fullest. However, it is important to be careful. This sort of sexual play can bring certain risks and dangers if you don’t know how to keep it safe. In order to minimize those risks, it is important to have proper male urethra play toys. 

What Are Male Urethra Play Toys?

Male urethra play toys are sex toys that are specially designed for urethral stimulation. That is, they are made to be inserted into the urethra. Male urethral toys are generally made for men, so these toys are … read more

Can’t Take a Ribbed Plug Out: What to Do?

Im using a ribbed plug 10mm I can’t get it out and think lube dried up, has 6 round pins I’ve managed to get one out so far then small bleeding seeped out, I dunno what to do I don’t wanna go to a n e but I can’t get it out.

 ~ David

There are many different types of penis plugs and other urethral toys you can use for pleasure. A nice ribbed plug is a premium toy ideal for all kinds of pleasure. There are many people who love the feeling of a ribbed penis plug massaging their urethra. However, keep in mind that these toys are generally good for users with some experience. They may be overwhelming to beginner users, and there is always a risk of burning and other problems. What if a ribbed plug gets … read more

What if Urethral Sound Gets Lost?

Urethral Sound Gets LostBeginners at urethral sounding often have many questions about this activity. Since urethral play is still a somewhat new thing that not many people talk about in public, it may seem like it is impossible to put your mind at ease when it comes to urethral play. One of the main fears that newbies have is about urethral toys getting lost inside of the penis. What is urethral sound gets lost? Is it possible to get it out without the help of a doctor?

Can You Lose a Urethral Sound Inside?

Urethral sound gets lost: this is a fear that many beginner users share when it comes to urethral sounding. It may seem inevitable in the case of shorter urethral toys. It may be impossible to hold on tight to the handle – with so much lube and getting … read more