Guide to Hank Sounds

Guide to Hank SoundsHank or Henk sounds are urethral toys made for pleasurable yet comfortable stimulation. Perhaps the best thing about these sounds is that they are suitable for both beginners and more experienced users.

This way, people of all experience levels and various preferences can enjoy these urethral toys to the fullest.

It also means that you will be able to stick to the same sounding kit even when you gain more experience.

This is good news for those who prefer to use one sounding kit for all their urethral stimulation instead of going after many different types of toys.

Hank Sounds: The Design

Hank sounds (also known as Henk sounds) have a unique shape that makes them easily recognizable among other urethral toys. These are double-ended urethral sounds that have a gentle curve on the each end. The ends of the sounds are positioned at a slight angle, which makes for easier use and a more exciting experience.

Hank sounds are true medical toys because they are modeled after real urethral sounds used by doctors to perform examinations. As such, they are ideal for people who wish to engage in a medical fetish.

Since they have the same design as real urethral sounds used in medicine, Hank sounds are made for easy and comfortable use. They are practical and can be enjoyed by people of all experience levels.

The Ribs

The main difference between Hank sounds and urethral sounds used by doctors is that Hank sounds have a pair of special ribs located near the tips of the sound. One rib is placed on the each side, a few inches from the tip.

Why are these ribs so important? They serve a double purpose. On one hand, these ribs serve as a good stopper that prevents the sound to be inserted too deeply. As such, they are a good safety measure. This is particularly important for beginner users who are still not used to urethral stimulation and who might insert a sound too deeply.

Hank sounds can be inserted about 3-4 inches before the rib, which makes them great for first timers. The rib serves as a stopper that will keep you safe during urethral sounding.

On the other hand, it is possible to insert the sound deeper if you pass the rib. In case your urethra is wider and properly stretched you won’t have any problems inserting your Hank sound deeper into the urethra. This way, more experienced users are not limited by the position of the rib and can use the whole length of the sound.

For more experienced users who wish to insert Hank sounds deeper into the urethra, the ribs serve as special features that provide additional stimulation during use. This way, ribs serve as pleasurable bumps that will make the experience even more exciting.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Be careful when inserting Hank sounds, especially if you are a beginner user. Do not force the sound past the rib. If it’s too tight or uncomfortable to proceed, stop. You will be able to insert the sound deeper once you train your urethra a bit.
  • Hank sounds are great for users of all experience levels, but it doesn’t mean that all users will enjoy them equally. It’s best to try a Hank sound first to see if this type of urethral toys is something you find arousing.
  • While Hank sounds are good for experienced users, keep in mind that they are not designed for deep urethral stimulation. They are not made for prostate and bladder stimulation. If you wish to go that deep, make sure to use toys specially made for deep urethral stimulation (such as Van Buren sounds).

Have you heard the latest about Sounding?


"Sounds" Good to Me

It is not unusual for people to want to explore different types of sexual stimulation. Over the past couple of years sounding, or urethral sounding, has become a very common practice among many. Sounding is the act of inserting an object, usually a long and smooth object, into the urethra for sexual pleasure. While this practice is mostly done by men, some women also enjoy the pleasures of the stimulation.

Sounding is sometimes referred to as “cock-stuffing” or “urethral masturbation”.  Sounds are surgical steel smooth rods that are used in medical settings to stretch the urethra, but are also used for sexual pleasure outside of the medical setting. These rods come in many different sizes and styles. Some people like to use household objects when first starting out because they are scared or embarrassed to purchase the correct items, with this sexual practice but it is HIGHLY NOT recommended. And with the Internet now there is no reason to fear purchasing the safe and correct items to use. Sounds are the best, safest objects to use for sounding obviously. There are many different sounding kits available, and also just individual pieces if you already know your size. These kits are great for someone newly interested in sounding because they often start at a small size and gradually get larger.  Experienced people in urethra play find that the ribbed sounds work great for them.

The urethra is very soft tissue that can be easily damaged while taking part in the pleasures of sounding if one is not careful. Some irritation is expected when first starting.  Another concern with urethral sounding is infection. A urinary tract infection can happen if your hands and the sound are not properly cleaned, and can become sever if not treated. Using antibacterial or antimicrobial soap is the best way to clean your hands before this act is done. Because the sounds are made of surgical steel they can be boiled in hot water and sanitized better than most any other objects, just be sure that you do not burn them on the bottom of a pot or something like that, use a double boiler or a pedestal in the bottom of the pot. Each and every time the sound is used it needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

Inserting a sound rod into the urethra needs to be lubricated in order to prevent tearing of the urethra. Water based lubrication like Surgilube is the best type of lube to use when inserting the sound. While holding the penis upright the rod can be inserted. The sound should not be forced into the urethra but merely guided, especially if you are new to this practice; gravity does most of the work. Starting with a small sound will help you learn your limits. Some people like to see how far they can insert the sound, while others like to see how big they can make their urethra.

Urethral play is pleasurable for some for a couple of different reasons. When the sound is inserted into the penis it meant to stimulate the glands and tissues in the inner walls of the penis associated with sexual pleasures. Some like the bladder to be included in this sexual act. Sounding is considered a fetishistic activity. This is a power type of fetish. A lot of individuals that are into BDSM find sounding to be very pleasurable. If you are going to be involving a partner in urethral play, make sure you are fully comfortable and trust them.

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