Electro Stimulation FAQ

zeusMany beginners interested in electro stimulation and electro sex wish to know more about this practice.

There are some frequently asked questions about this type of stimulation you need to know before you start enjoying electro sex:

Is Electro Stimulation Safe?

Electro stimulation is safe, as long as you use specialized devices that are made for this type of use. It is vital to use only special devices, including special electrodes and clamps made for electro sex. Using any other type of electric device is dangerous. This is not something to play with: make sure to always use specialized devices made for electro stimulation.

Also, not just any electro stimulation device will do. There are many different products made for muscle electro stimulation, muscle therapy, massage or any other non-sexual purpose. While these devices are made to be used on the body, it’s still not wise to use them for sexual stimulation. In order to be safe, make sure to use only devices specially made for electro sex.

It’s also vital to use these specialized devices correctly. Make sure to always follow guidelines outlined in the instruction manual. Inform yourself about electro stimulation and make sure to know how to use any device properly. This is the only way to ensure safety.

Before you use any type of electro stimulation, it’s best to consult your doctor. It is vital to make sure that you are healthy and that you are allowed to try this type of stimulation. Do not try electro sex before consulting your doctor first!

If these guidelines are followed, electro stimulation is safe and enjoyable.

How long should electro stimulation last?

There are no strict rules on this, but it’s highly advisable for beginners to start with short sessions until they get used to the feeling. Do not go over 20-30 minutes in the beginning. This may not be enough to explore all aspects of electro sex or to achieve full sexual satisfaction, but it’s vital to train your body for the feeling of electro stimulation. It’s important to go slowly at first. The same goes for trying any new device or electrode for the first time.

Are they people who cannot use electro simulation?

Electro stimulation is not recommended to certain people. Those who have heart problems, seizures, epilepsy, stroke or implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers, defibrillators, drug pumps and other types of medical devices) should not use electro stimulation. Also, electro sex is not recommended to pregnant women. In case you suspect you might be pregnant do not use electro sex. If you are unsure, it’s important to make a pregnancy test before you try this type of stimulation.

Should I use electrodes above the waist? Is nipple stimulation ok?

Generally speaking, electro sex devices should be used only on genitalia. In other words, it is not safe to use them above the waist. Nipples are particularly problematic because they are close to the heart, and one of the important things to keep in mind is that electro stimulation should not be used on the chest.

However, there are special electrodes and clamps designed to be used on nipples alone. These electrodes keep the current go through the area around nipples only so it doesn’t affect the chest. If you want to try nipple electro stimulation you need to use these special electrodes. That being said, keep in mind that electro stimulation is generally intended to be used on genitalia only.

Can two or more people use the same device at once?

It depends on the device, but it’s generally not recommended. Some devices have two or more output channels so it’s possible to use the same device as long as each person is connected to a specific channel. Never use a single-channel device between two people! It is too dangerous. The general rule is: one channel – one person. Sharing a device is recommended for more advanced users so it’s not something beginners should do.

Is prolonged tingling sensation normal?

Yes. After practicing electro sex your genitalia (and other body parts affected by electricity) can tingle even after the session is over. This tingling sensation is not dangerous but it may be annoying especially if it lasts for hours. The tingling should disappear in the matter of several hours but some people report the feeling lasting for a whole day. While this is not abnormal it may signal that you should try electro stimulation at lower settings or for shorter periods of time.

Is prolonged arousal normal?

The tingling sensation can make genitalia be aroused for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, this is pleasurable, but sometimes it can be undesirable or annoying. The feeling should stop after a few hours, but if the effect is annoying you should try electro stimulation at lower settings or for a shorter period of time. If the feeling is prolonged and leads to problems make sure to contact your medical provider.

Does electro stimulation cause orgasms?

Electro sex is pleasurable and can lead to orgasms. However, this type of stimulation cannot produce orgasms out of nowhere. As in, nobody can be forced to have an orgasm just by using electro sex devices. However, electro stimulation is highly pleasurable and can make many people reach the height of sexual pleasure even if it’s difficult for them to orgasm in any other way. Also, electro stimulation often leads to stronger and more lasting orgasms, so it is a very pleasurable activity.

However, it’s important to note that you need to allow yourself some time so your body can get used to the new sensation. Chances are that you will be able to orgasm from electro stimulation alone, but it may not happen immediately. Your body needs to get used to this new type of sexual stimulation before you can orgasm to your full potential.

I tried electro stimulation, but it’s not pleasant!

It takes some time for your body to get used to the feeling of electro stimulation. Therefore, you should be patient and take it slowly. Once your body gets used to the feeling electro stimulation will become pleasurable. That being said, some people just do not like this type of sexual stimulation. It is definitely not for everyone. You may discover that this isn’t something you enjoy. That is ok. There are plenty other types of stimulation you can try to experience arousal and pleasure.

Can electro stimulation help with erectile dysfunction?

Generally speaking, electro sex devices are not designed to help cure any medical problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or other issues. That being said, electro sex provides a very special kind of stimulation that may lead to heightened arousal not easily achievable in any other way. However, before you wish to use electro stimulation it’s advisable to consult your doctor first, especially if you have a medical problem such as erectile dysfunction or another issue.

Urethral Toys: How to Accommodate Your Body?

252tBefore you start experimenting with urethral stimulation and urethral toys, it is vital that you get to know your body. Urethral stimulation is fun and arousing, but it’s important to be informed about the anatomy and potential dangers. Most of the problems that may arise from urethral stimulation come from not understanding urethral anatomy. For this reason, it’s important that you know at least basics so you can practice urethral stimulation in a safe and exciting way.

Note: these tips mostly concern male urethral stimulation, since this is the most popular form of urethral stimulation. However, men are not the only ones who can enjoy this type of stimulation. Female urethral stimulation is a thing, too. However, female anatomy is different than male, so these tips may not always work for women. If you are a woman wanting to try urethral stimulation you need to get to know female anatomy better in order to practice this type of stimulation in a safe way.

Urethral Anatomy

There are a few basic things you need to know about male urethral anatomy in order to practice urethral stimulation in a safe way. While you don’t need to be an expert, it is important to know a few basic things about the shape of the urethra and its functions.

Urethra starts at the bladder and then curves around the prostate gland. From the prostate, it goes all the way through the penis to the urethral opening on the tip of the penis. Unlike female urethra, which is a few inches long, male urethra is much longer, over 11 inches in average.

The bladder has a sphincter muscle that keeps the bladder shut so the urine wouldn’t spill. It opens during urination and then it closes again. This sphincter muscle is possible to be opened using urethral toys during deep urethral sounding, but this is more complex and reserved for those who are experienced in urethral stimulation. Definitely not recommended for beginners!

Urethral canal actually has two purposes: to transfer urine from the bladder to the outside of the body and to transfer sperm from testicles to outside of the body. Both body fluids exit through the hole on the tip of the penis (pee hole). The way muscles and anatomy works, these two cannot be opened at the same time so urine and sperm do not mix. This is another important thing to know.

The male urethra is very stretchable because it has to account for erections. It has the ability to stretch itself very quickly, within minutes. However, this stretching goes only for the length: in order to practice urethral stimulation you will need to stretch your urethra in diameter in order to be able to accommodate urethral toys of various sizes.

As you can see from this description, urethra is not a straight canal. This is why inserting toys into your penis should be done carefully and without force. Urethra has its natural curves and some toys are specially designed to accommodate those curves. This particularly goes for the so-called “deep urethral stimulation”. However, this is an advanced toy play and it’s not recommended to beginners.

How to Accommodate Your Body?

In order to be able to accommodate your body and insert urethral toys properly, you need to keep the above information in mind. It’s vital to understand the anatomy. The most important things you need to remember before you try to insert a toy into your urethra are:

  • Urethra is not a straight canal. It has its curves.
  • Urethra is very tight and narrow until it’s “trained” and stretched to accommodate toys.
  • Deep urethral sounding can reach bladder and prostate for some additional stimulation but this is reserved for advanced users – do not try deep urethral stimulation if you are a beginner!
  • Everyone is different. You need to get to know your body in order to enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest.

So, the best advice on how to accommodate your body is to get to know your own urethral anatomy. Learn how your urethra goes, where its curves are and what kind of stimulation feels pleasurable. All of this can be achieved through training and slow stretching of your urethra.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when it comes to your body and how to make it accommodate urethral toys without a problem:

  • There are certain advantages to a long urethra. The first one is a reduced risk to urinary infections. Since urethra is so long, it takes bacteria much longer to reach the bladder to cause problems. It is also easier to wash them out through urinating. This is why men are less prone to urinary infections than women.
  • However, once you start with urethral stimulation certain warnings need to be in place because inserting objects deep into urethra opens a possibility of transferring bacteria and dirt deep into urethra and close to the bladder. So it opens opportunities for urinary tract infections. This is why it’s important that all toys you insert into urethra are properly cleaned and sterilized. This is the only way to prevent urinary infections.
  • Urethral toys should never be pushed or forced down the urethra. This is very risky and can lead to numerous problems. During training sessions, try to stretch your urethra slowly and go inch by inch. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube to make the experience smoother and pain-free.
  • As you go, try to remember how your urethra behaves, where it curves and what is the easiest way to make it accommodate toys. In time, this will become natural for you, but it’s important to be very careful in the beginning.
  • While you may want to try deep urethral sounding straight away, it is advisable to try urethral stretching and basic stimulation before you insert long sounds made for deep urethral stimulation. Do not try bladder and prostate stimulation straight away – those are reserved for more advanced users.
  • If you wish to train with a partner, make sure they know your individual anatomy and how your urethra behaves. It is easier to learn by inserting toys by yourself, but if you really want to try with a partner, make sure they are careful and gentle. Ideally, the will be familiar with urethral anatomy so they will know how to approach urethral training. Never allow anyone to insert toys into your urethra unless they are familiar with urethral sounding urethral anatomy.

Toys For Urethral Stimulation


The Sound

The sound at one was only used as medical tool but today it is better known as a toy to enhance sexual sensations for me. The sound must be inserted into the urethra, which is found at the tip of the penis. To insert the sound correctly you should do a bit of research or talk with an expert that knows about using these products. When the sound is placed properly, the tip of the toy will rest very close the prostate. By manipulating the sound, sensations will be enhanced bringing about greater sexual pleasure.

If you are searching for sounds, you will find a wide variety on the market. The most common include Vibrating Urethral Sound, Inner Demon Urethral Sound, the Drill, Ribbed Urethral Sound, and the Striker Urethral Sound. You may want to start out with a kit such as the Urethral Beginners Sound kit.





Penis Plugs are a very popular and erotic toy now.

Penis Plugs

Penis plugs are inserted just like the Sound into the urethra at the tip of the penis. These urethral stimulation toys can be very enjoyable when inserted correctly. Of course, you do not want to just push it in quickly, but inserted gently to kind of tease the urethra. Some even use penis plugs as a dominance toy.

When choosing penis plugs they should have a ring on the outside. The main reason so it does not slip. If the plug slips, the person will need to visit a doctor to have the toy removed. Another factor to watch out for is that the ring is large enough it will not slip into the urethra along with the plug. Safety of course, is the main concern when using any urethral stimulation toy.

When using penis plugs, the plug as well as the opening of the penis should be lubricated. The best products to use will be packets of lubricate, this way you never have to worry about the lotion having germs from using it for other sexual pleasure adventures. Bottles of lotions are often used more than once and can have germs, which could be transmitted to the urethra, which can cause all kinds of issues.

Both sounds and penis plugs need to be inserted while the penis is relaxed. This can be very tricky if the person has never used any tool like this before. However, with a bit of experience, the toy and the insertion will go very smooth.

Penis plugs and sounds were created for urethral stimulation and need to be clean so as not to introduce germs into the urethra. For those that use urethral stimulation toys, the most important thing to remember is to keep the toys clean, and ensure they are not scratched even the smallest scratch can damage the lining of the urethra.

Sounds and penis plugs for safety purposes should only be used by one man. The toys for urethral stimulation should be cleaned before using each time with different cleaning solutions. First, clean with soap and water, then use an alcohol wipe, and last use hydrogen peroxide. Each cleaning solution should be used for around 15 minutes to ensure the toy is cleaned properly.

If more than one man is using any urethral stimulation toys, the toy should be boiled. The best to boil the toy is by boiling in a glass pan or pot, which will ensure the toy, does not become scratched, which can happen with metal pans. Always place the toy on a sterile surface such as gauze after cleaning. It is also wise to wear gloves when cleaning and touching the toys to ensure they stay sterile before using.

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