How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee Hole?

How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee HoleThose who want to have fun with urethral play often wonder how deep can we insert things in pee hole. After all, the urethra has a limited length and some toys are very long. Those who want to practice deep urethral play also wish to know how deep is too deep and how to enjoy this whole process. Keep in mind that all people who want to practice urethral stimulation need to know how deep can we insert things in pee hole. Even if you don’t want to try deep urethral stimulation it is still important to think about these questions.

How Deep Can We Insert Things in Pee Hole: The Answer

Since it is so important to know how deep can we insert things in pee hole, it is useful to remember the anatomy. Pee hole is actually the … read more

The Top 5 Hydropump Advantages

HydropumpThere are many different penis pumps you can try to enhance the size of your penis and make your erections more powerful. These pumps create a vacuum that increases penis blood flow and in turn makes the penis bigger. It is therefore not surprising that there are many people who use these pumps for penis enlargement. However, not all penis pumps are equal. There is a special group of penis pumps that work with water. These so-called Hydropumps offer numerous advantages to the regular penis pumps.

How to Use Hydropumps

Hydropumps are penis pumps that create vacuum by using water. It means that you should use your Hydropump in the shower or a bath tub. By pumping, you create strong suction that draws more blood to your penis. As a result, the penis becomes longer, thicker and more sensitive. Hydropumps … read more

Tips for Women Who Want to Try Urethral Play

Women Who Want to Try Urethral PlaySome people think that urethral play is a male experience but nothing can be further from the truth. As many ladies know, female urethral stimulation is a thing and there are many women who fully enjoy this type of stimulation. There are also many women who want to try urethral play but don’t know where to start or how to keep themselves safe during urethral stimulation.

Here are some important tips for women who want to try urethral play:

Don’t Shove Toys Too Deep

One of the first rules for women who want to try urethral play is to never shove your toys too deep. A woman’s urethra is much shorter than a man’s, so it is not possible to insert sounding devices before you reach the bladder. This is why you need to be careful and go slowly. Make … read more

Most Popular Triple Cock Ring

~ Davey 

This triple cock ring continues to fascinate me, challenging my notions about the relative sizes of my cock and balls as I try to put it on and take it off. Amazing how much abuse your balls can take.

There are many different cock rings you can use to enhance your erections and experience amazing pleasure. A special penis ring ideal for those who want intensity is a triple cock ring. This cock ring goes around both the penis and testicles so it can touch various sensitive spots. This is also a good choice for those looking for some rough play and painful pleasures.

Things You Can Do with a Triple Cock Ring

Triple Cock RingA triple cock ring is more than just a complex penis ring. It has a special design ideal for touching many different sensitive spots. Generally … read more

Tools We Use: Urethral Dilator Set

Urethral Dilator SetThose who like to enjoy urethral play often wonder about the newest and most exciting toys they can use. Individual urethral toys are great but there are many advantages that a good kit can provide. An excellent urethral dilator set is a tool we use. Tools of the Trade Urethral Dilator Set contains everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience. It contains six amazing dilator heads ideal for different sensations. This kit contains 6 toys in one. This is an excellent urethral dilator set that can fulfill all of your deepest desires. This is an ideal toy for those who easily get bored of one toy and are always looking for something new.

What is So Special about This Urethral Dilator Set?

Tools of the Trade Urethral Dilator Set is more than just a collection of urethral toys.… read more

How to Put On a Chastity Cage

How to Put On a Chastity CageIf you wish to enjoy male chastity play, you need to know how to put on a chastity cage properly. Ensuring a proper fit is essential for a safe and successful experience so this is a step you should not overlook. It is crucial to position a chastity lock and the rest of device properly so there are no health consequences. This is why it is so important to know how to put on a chastity cage without a problem. Only then you will be able to enjoy your male chastity play to the fullest.

How to Put on a Chastity Cage: Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules on how to put on a chastity cage. Keep in mind that a lot will depend on the exact model of your male chastity device. There are many different penis cages … read more

New Penis Plugs to Try

New Penis PlugsThere are many great penis plugs you can use for urethral play. Penis Plugs are excellent urethral toys that can bring a lot of pleasure and touch some of the hidden sweet spots. A great thing about these toys is that they are very diverse: there are many different models, designs, sizes and textures to choose from. The best of all, penis plugs are constantly evolving to give you the best and most satisfying experience. This is why there are so many new penis plugs you can try. 

The Best of the new penis Plugs

There are many new penis plugs you can try. Since there are so many different models, you can make a special list on those you want to use. Some people choose by size or thickness, since this is an important factor. Others choose penis plugs … read more

Burning and Bleeding with Urethral Toys

~ John 

Tried to insert a 10 mm plug in my urethra. It was really hard to get in. And a little blood and is still sore at times when I use my 9mm, which goes is nicely. Been about a week now I hope it will get better so I can wear my plugs again. Live them for masturbation stimulation is awesome. Please tell me it will get better. Thank you.

Burning and Bleeding with Urethral ToysPenis plugs are very exciting adult toys that can be very pleasurable. However, there is a certain risks that comes with the use of these toys. This is why it is so important to be careful during all forms of urethral play. It is particularly important for beginners to understand how to stay safe during urethral stimulation. Burning and bleeding are some of the main problems you may … read more

Guide to Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)

Water Operated Penis PumpsPenis pumps are popular devices for penis enhancement. Many men use these pumps for penis enlargement or to improve their erections. Penis pumps are not difficult to use: you simply insert your penis into the tube and start pumping. The pump creates vacuum, which makes the blood flow directly into the penis. This makes the penis enlarged and erection stronger. While these pumps are not a cure to erectile dysfunction, they can help with penis enhancement. Typical penis pumps create suction with the use of air. However, there are also penis pumps that work in different ways. Hydropumps are water operated penis pumps that are used in the shower or a bath. These create a powerful suction using the water and have some great advantages to traditional penis pumps.

What Are Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)?

Hydropumps are sex toysread more

Unusual Butt Plugs

Unusual Butt PlugsThere are many different butt plug designs you can choose. This is a common male sex toy but there are also many ladies who enjoy high-quality butt plugs. Depending on your experience level and preferences, you may choose soft and flexible anal plugs for sensual feelings or big and massive butt plugs for a more intense experience. Unusual butt plugs are there to provide some new sensations and an intense experience.

These are also excellent couples toys that you can use to have a great time.

What Are Unusual Butt Plugs?

A typical butt plug design is slightly conical, with a tapered tip and a wide base. The tip is smooth yet tapered to make for easy insertion. The body slightly widens on the bottom and the wide base prevents the butt plug from disappearing inside of the anus.

This … read more