How to Sanitize Rods for Safe Sounding?

I so get off on sounding my cock…I use my precum as lube so…how do I sanitize rods for safe sounding? I have had a couple of UTIs and want to avoid future ones. Thanks!

~ Lonnie

It is undeniable that urethral play can be so powerful and arousing. Those who like it, often claim that it is the most satisfying sexual experience that they can imagine. Because it is so powerful, urethral play is something that many people want to do often. The trouble with urethral stimulation is that it can bring certain problems such as UTIs and other issues. This is why it is crucial to stay safe during all stages of urethral play. One of the most important things to know is how to sanitize rods for safe sounding. Remember, without sterilization there is no safe urethral … read more