5 Sure Sings that Your Piercing is Infected and the Precautions You Can Take

What can ruin a perfectly good and hot looking piercing? Infections! Once infected, piercings hurt, bleed, ooze and, in short, don’t look pretty. Body piercings are the in thing and we all must get them, but with every good thing comes a bunch of responsibility. When you decide to get a piercing, especially in uncommon places like navel, eyebrow, genital, etc., the before and aftercare is very essential so that your piercing does not turn into a painful experience.

Here are some signs to tell that your piercing is infected:

1.Redness While every fresh piercing and its surrounding areas have some redness initially, this should go away in a maximum of 7 days depending upon the area. Redness which is prolonged and accompanied with tenderness and pain is a sign of infection. Look into it immediately.