The Best Condoms for Piercings

Safe sex is important, and condoms are excellent tools for that. But what about condoms for piercings? Many people worry about using condoms with their genital jewelry. Would jewelry damage a condom? Should you wear a larger condom to accommodate jewelry? There are many important things you need to know about.

Are Condoms Good for Piercings?

First things first: yes, condoms for piercings are a good thing. This goes in two ways. One, ensuring safe sex when you have a genital piercing. It is important to ensure safe sex when you have your piercings.

Also, condoms are a must-have during the healing time. Even if you don’t use condoms with your partner regularly, it is important to use them after you get your piercing and during the healing time. This is when your piercing is most vulnerable, and it … read more

Alternatives to Captive Bead Rings

Captive Bead Rings are beautiful, versatile body jewelry pieces you can use for many different piercings. They make great earrings for earlobe piercings, and you can also use them for your eyebrow piercing, navel piercing or even genital piercings. However, Captive Bead Rings are not perfect. It is relatively easy to lose the bead, and then what? This is why many people look for alternatives to Captive Bead Rings.

What are the Best Alternatives to Captive Bead Rings?

Good alternatives to Captive Bead Rings should satisfy the main requirements of piercings in question. Such jewelry pieces should be equally safe and properly designed to sit comfortably on your piercing.

For these reasons, other types of piercing rings work the best as alternatives to Captive Bead Rings. Luckily, rings are among the most popular body jewelry designs. They … read more

How to Make VCH Piercing Stimulation

Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing, also known as VCH, is the most popular female genital piercing in the world. It looks very striking, but the reason for its great popularity is the fact that VCH can enhance sexual pleasure. It allows you to touch some of the most sensitive spots. Many women who otherwise have a difficulty reaching orgasm find Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing very appealing. What is VCH piercing stimulation and how to make this piercing work for you?

Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing

Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing is done on a thin piece of skin around the clitoris – clitoral hood. This skin is thin and easy to pierce, so VCH is not an intense nor complex piercing to get. Of course, you need to get pierced by a knowledgeable genital piercer who has performed numerous VCH piercings. This … read more

VCH, HCH or Triangle Piercing: Which One to Get?

There are many great female genital piercings you can choose. Among the most popular ones are Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing, Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing and Triangle piercing. Women often wonder which one to get. Which one is the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality: VCH, HCH or Triangle piercing?

VCH, HCH or Triangle Piercing: Pleasure

The first thing you might consider when deciding between VCH, HCH and Triangle piercing is the functionality. Genital piercings are often functional. That is, they can enhance pleasure for the wearer during sex. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to get genital piercings in the first place. These make sex even more pleasurable. For women who have a difficult time reaching the orgasm, genital piercings can be an eye-opening experience.

However, not all genital piercings are created equal. Some press … read more

How to Prevent Piercing Rejection

common piercing problems

One of the most common and most annoying problems you may encounter with your piercings is rejection. When a piercing rejects, it essentially means that your body will not support it. It pushes the jewelry out and closes the piercing hole. This can be very disheartening, particularly if it is a piercing you really like. How to prevent piercing rejection and what to do if your piercing starts to reject?

What Happens With Piercing Rejection?

If you want to prevent piercing rejection, you need to understand how it actually happens. It is important to know that your body works to prevent infections or foreign objects entering the body. To your body, a piercing hole is a wound, and jewelry is a foreign object. With a piercing that is placed properly, you can trick your body into not going against the … read more

Surgical Steel or Polished Titanium?

Surgical Steel is one of the most popular body jewelry materials. Another common material is titanium. Along with 14k nickel-free gold, these are probably the most popular jewelry materials for your piercings. So, how to choose between them?

Titanium and Surgical Steel: Which is Better?

Surgical Steel or polished Titanium? Which one is better for your piercing jewelry. The truth is that both of these materials are great, but only if they are truly of high quality. This is particularly important in the case of Surgical Steel. As you probably know, steel often contains alloys, including nickel. In order for steel to be safe for body jewelry, it has to be of specific high quality that traps the alloys inside of the metal. It means that these alloys can never come in contact with your skin.

This is incredibly … read more

Ashley Lip Piercing Healing

Ashley piercing is a striking lip piercing done on the lower lip. A rare variant of a vertical labret, this piercing goes through a lot of tissue. This can pose a problem for Ashley lip piercing healing. If you want to get this piercing, you have to be prepared for rigorous aftercare and a somewhat long healing time.

How Long is Ashley Lip Piercing Healing Time?

Ashley lip piercing is a rare piercing, and one of the reasons is its relatively long healing time. However, keep in mind that there are still many facial and oral piercings that take even longer to heal. If you really want to get an Ashely piercing, healing time itself is not the biggest problem against this piercing.

So, what is Ashley lip piercing healing time? Typically, Ashley piercing will heal in 8 to 10 … read more

Separate Jewelry Pieces in Apadravya and PA Piercings: Is It Possible?

I got a PA and I want to do an Apadraya. Can a guy do it to have them both in then?

~ Dale Montgomery

An Apadravya piercing basically consists of two other genital piercings: a Prince Albert and a Reverse Prince Albert piercings. Is it possible to wear different jewelry in your PA and your Reverse PA piercings? How about your PA and Apadravya? Here is what you need to know.

The Anatomy of a Piercing?

There are many different male genital piercings, but none of them are as popular as Prince Albert. It is not surprising: a PA piercing is relatively easy to get, and it gives amazing sensations. A Reverse Prince Albert is less common, but also a great option for those who want a striking penis piercing. It goes to the opposite direction of a … read more

How to Calculate New Gauge for a Stretched Piercing?

Large Gauge Jewelry

I can fit a 10ga. and 2 14ga. Jewelry in my prince Albert piercing what ga. would that be?

~ Andy

It is always important to know the size of your piercing, because it determines jewelry size you should wear. While it’s possible to combine several different jewelry pieces inside of the same piercing hole, it is always better to go with one jewelry piece. When calculating your piercing gauge, it is important to know how sizes correspond to actual diameters.

What is a Resulting Gauge?

Each piercing and jewelry gauge refer to a thickness or diameter. This is the diameter of your piercing hole, and this is the diameter of your jewelry. It tells how thick your jewelry is so it can fit into a hole of the appropriate size. Needless to say, in order for a jewelry … read more

Nickel-Free Tongue Rings

Nickel-Free Tongue RingsThere are many different jewelry choices if you want to find something attractive for your tongue piercing. While a typical jewelry style for a tongue piercing is a straight barbell, it is important to know that this is not the only option. Rings are also common, and this is why all tongue jewelry is often called “tongue rings”. In order to stay safe, it is important to use only high-quality jewelry for your piercing. This is why you need to use only nickel-free tongue rings if you are allergic to nickel. 

What Are Nickel-Free Tongue Rings?

Nickel-free tongue rings are body jewelry pieces you can use for your tongue piercing, but that do not include nickel. Nickel is present in many different jewelry materials, and it can cause a lot of trouble for those who are allergic or sensitive. … read more