A Quick Cock Ring Measurement Formula

~ Dave Ruston

Are you averaging the flaccid and erect measurements and then diving by pi or which one are you using to determine the correct inner diameter. Just provide the formula please ?. Maybe I’m just missing something but the verbage seems to be missing part of the equation.

Cock Ring Measurement FormulaThe primary measurement for a cock ring is your erect size. In many situations, it gives good results. However, certain users report somewhat incorrect results with this method. It happens because most people need a cock ring that is a bit smaller than their erect size. This is why there is a recommendation to measure both flaccid and erect sizes, just to be on the safe side. However, chances are that the erect size will be enough for many people.

Since cock rings are such popular adult toys, there … read more

Where Does a Glans Ring Go?

Where Does a Glans Ring GoGlans rings are handy types of cock rings that many people use. However, not all people are sure on how to position a glans ring.

Where does a glans ring go? As the name says, a glans ring is a type of penis ring that goes around the glans. In other words, this is a cock ring for the head of the penis.

How to Position a Glans Ring

Those wondering where does a glans ring go often wonder how to position a glans ring properly. The truth is that these cock rings are not difficult to use; some people even claim that it is much easier to use them than regular cock rings. At the same time, glans rings are not as popular as the common penis rings so there might be some confusion.

A glans ring looks almost … read more

The Top 5 Hydropump Advantages

HydropumpThere are many different penis pumps you can try to enhance the size of your penis and make your erections more powerful. These pumps create a vacuum that increases penis blood flow and in turn makes the penis bigger. It is therefore not surprising that there are many people who use these pumps for penis enlargement. However, not all penis pumps are equal. There is a special group of penis pumps that work with water. These so-called Hydropumps offer numerous advantages to the regular penis pumps.

How to Use Hydropumps

Hydropumps are penis pumps that create vacuum by using water. It means that you should use your Hydropump in the shower or a bath tub. By pumping, you create strong suction that draws more blood to your penis. As a result, the penis becomes longer, thicker and more sensitive. Hydropumps … read more

Most Popular Triple Cock Ring

~ Davey 

This triple cock ring continues to fascinate me, challenging my notions about the relative sizes of my cock and balls as I try to put it on and take it off. Amazing how much abuse your balls can take.

There are many different cock rings you can use to enhance your erections and experience amazing pleasure. A special penis ring ideal for those who want intensity is a triple cock ring. This cock ring goes around both the penis and testicles so it can touch various sensitive spots. This is also a good choice for those looking for some rough play and painful pleasures.

Things You Can Do with a Triple Cock Ring

Triple Cock RingA triple cock ring is more than just a complex penis ring. It has a special design ideal for touching many different sensitive spots. Generally … read more

Guide to Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)

Water Operated Penis PumpsPenis pumps are popular devices for penis enhancement. Many men use these pumps for penis enlargement or to improve their erections. Penis pumps are not difficult to use: you simply insert your penis into the tube and start pumping. The pump creates vacuum, which makes the blood flow directly into the penis. This makes the penis enlarged and erection stronger. While these pumps are not a cure to erectile dysfunction, they can help with penis enhancement. Typical penis pumps create suction with the use of air. However, there are also penis pumps that work in different ways. Hydropumps are water operated penis pumps that are used in the shower or a bath. These create a powerful suction using the water and have some great advantages to traditional penis pumps.

What Are Water Operated Penis Pumps (Hydropumps)?

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What are Different Ways to Wear Cock Rings?

Different Ways to Wear Cock RingsCock rings are popular sex toys that are great for many different things. Their main purpose is to enhance erections and to make the penis more powerful. However, cock rings are great for many additional things, such as making the penis more sensitive or for enhancing the experience for the wearer’s partner. Since there are so many things cock rings can achieve it is not surprising that there are many different ways to wear cock rings.

Different Ways to Wear Cock Rings

There are many different ways to wear cock rings, simply because there are many different types of cock rings. However, it is also important to note that it is often possible to wear the same cock rings in several different ways. Keep this in mind if you want to use cock rings to have fun and enhance … read more

Cock Ring vs. Corona Ring

Cock Ring vs. Corona RingCock rings are excellent sex toys for enhancing erections and improving your performance. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many people who love to use them. However, not all cock rings are the same. There are also the so-called “corona rings”. What is the difference between them? What is important when it comes to cock ring vs. corona ring.

What is a Corona Ring?

Some people are confused about the corona rings. It is important to understand that a corona ring is more commonly called a glans ring. As the name implies, it goes around the penis head, more precisely, around the corona.

These are special cock rings that go higher on the penis. A corona ring can be very practical and bring a lot of pleasure. While it doesn’t affect the whole penis it does make … read more

Measuring for a Cock Ring: Flaccid or Erect?

~ Anonymous 

Must penis be erect or flaccid when measuring for cock ring?

Cock rings are very exciting so it is not surprising that there are so many men who use them. It is also important to know that you need to wear only cock rings that suit you. It means that you need to measure yourself. However, it is not always easy to determine how to measure for a cock ring.

Flaccid or Erect when Measuring for a Cock Ring?

Measuring for a Cock RingOne of the most important things people want to know when it comes to measuring for a cock ring is whether you need to do it when you are flaccid or erect. There are numerous theories about this one. Some people say that measuring is valid only if you do it when you are erect because this is when … read more

Using Cock and Ball Rings

~ Mike11

I have been using a cock ring and have never had a problem. But the ring only goes on the cock not over my balls.

There are many different types of cock rings. It is always important to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. Not all penis rings work in the same way. While it is vital to always get a perfect fit and to measure yourself carefully, it is also important to understand that not all cock rings can provide the same things and sensations.

For example, there are cock rings that only go around the base of the penis. If you want to have  a cock ring that goes around the balls you need to get a special cock and ball ring. Using cock and ball rings is similar to regular … read more

Should You Wear Cock Rings During Sex?

~ Tim

How are cock rings for penetrating your partner? If she is really wet is there the chance it will slip off? Any other tips/suggestions for intercourse while wearing it?

Wear Cock Rings During SexMany people wonder about how to use their cock rings. Penis rings are great toys for improving your erections and making your penis harder. It is not surprising that so many men use cock rings to enhance their erections. However, not all people know if it’s safe to wear cock rings during sex.

The good news is that, yes, you can wear cock rings during sex. After all, this is what they are made for! The improved erection and harder penis are not something that only you as a wearer will enjoy: cock rings will also improve your performance and make the experience more pleasurable for your partner. … read more