Miley Cyrus’ Jewelry Found to be Toxic – Another Reason to Shop at Authentic Body Jewelry Stores Only!!

Mile Cyrus’ jewelry line available at Wal-Mart was found to be toxic with high levels of metal Cadmium. How bad is it? Really bad when this can be a potential cause of softening bones and even kidney failure if exposure to the metal is long enough.

First things first, teen queen or no teen queen, don’t buy body jewelry off stores that are not qualified to sell it, and parents should totally abstain from it. The jewelry in question is necklaces and bracelets by Miley Cyrus and not body piercing jewelry. However, safety cannot be compromised when it’s metal on body.

Being fair to Ms. Cyrus, it was perhaps an oversight by the manufacturers but one’s jewelry line also means being responsible for what’s being sold out. So the only bad on Miley Cyrus’ and her team of jewelry designers was the QC on the particular selection that was taken to the stores.

Lesson for Teens & Parents – Buy Body Jewelry From Reputable Sources only
We understand that credibility of celebrities is hard to break but that is far from a seal of safety. When it comes to body modification (real body jewelry) items, only trust the certified and authenticated authority’s that handle this and only body jewelry and have a reputation to go with it.

Never buy body jewelry off the streets, kiosks, some of the online stores that are obviously selling junk. Use common sense with this. Me personally I would Never put anything in my body that i purchased at Walmart, but that is just me. Although there are an awful lot of jokes about Walmart and China said by other people. Next time it may not be Cadmium but nickel (which is far more prevalent than Cadmium) causing the scare. Why take a chance and stumble upon something you don’t want to get – an infection or an illness. We are not even saying to purchase from us, just purchase from a reputable place only and use good common sense this is basically a piece of metal that you are going to implant in your body. Make sure it is decent quality!

Keep shining with pure and authentic cadmium or  nickel free body jewelry!