Belly Button Piercing – Feminine Fashion Alone?

A strange thing about belly button piercing is that it has more women takers than men. Ever wondered why? Also the men who get their navel pierced have to battle off strange stares and even stranger notions about them. Somehow, getting one’s navel pierced isn’t considered that manly.

Let’s look into the reasons of such a trend.

  • Navel piercing seems to be  women’s territory since the beginning. Everyone from top models to actresses, social butterflies and not to forget the trend setters – belly dancers have had their navel pierced. Perhaps it has something to with having a curvy waistline?
  • There’s another generalization that works against men having a navel piercing. It’s always been beer bellies when it comes to men and belly buttons when it comes to women! 🙂
  • Does hair make a difference? Women’s stomach’s aren’t hairy so they have all the more reason to show them off with some bling. Well guys can wax it off as well but still a women’s stomach is much smoother let’s face it.

Well guys who think they can pull it off should go ahead and get it! We are not really sure about how will it be received but if you think you’ve got it then people would do too. And the girls can continue to flaunt their navel piercings as usual!