Medusa Piercing

Medusa PiercingA Medusa piercing is a popular lip piercing type many people choose to have.

It’s one of the most common lip piercing types and it’s very simple yet effective.

It can be used alone or as a part of other piercings, particularly those “bites” lip piercings that consist of two or more lip piercings.

About Medusa Piercing

A Medusa piercing is relatively simple. It is also known as a philtrum piercing. It is done in the middle of the upper lip, on the philtrum. This is part of the lip located directly under the septum of the nose and just above the lowest part of the upper lip’s center. The jewelry is made to sit in the dip of the upper lip. This is a very effective placement so Medusa piercing is difficult to miss even with the most discreet jewelry type. At the same time, this piercing type is rarely made to be huge or distracting, and while you can choose to wear big jewelry in your Medusa piercing most people choose something more comfortable and basic.

It’s not difficult to locate your philtrum: this is the indent between the nose and the upper lip. All people have a philtrum, though some have a philtrum that is more pronounced. Typically, these differences are not crucial for a Medusa piercing. Chances are that you will be able to get this piercing regardless of the size or a shape of your philtrum.

A Medusa piercing is a simple horizontal piercing made on the philtrum. The skin on the philtrum is pierced so the hole enters from the face and ends inside of the mouth, somewhere above the front teeth.

While Medusa is not difficult to perform, it’s important to keep in mind that this spot is very sensitive. It might make the procedure uncomfortable, but the whole process should not last for long.

After the procedure, it’s crucial to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. Keep in mind that Medusa, just like most of the other lip piercings, is a dual care piercing. On one hand, it is a lip piercing and on the other, it is an oral piercing. It means you should follow both the aftercare instructions for oral piercings and for “regular” piercings done on the surface of the body.


Typical jewelry for a Medusa piercing is a simple labret. A labret stud is small and comfortable, yet it looks very effective when placed on this spot above the upper lip. Of course, it’s your choice whether you want to use a very basic labret or a more decorated one. Many people feel that simple yet elegant labrets are the best way to go, but you may also opt for a decorated labret with a gem or made in a bright color.

Since Medusa is typically done in 16 gauge or 14 gauge, this is the recommended jewelry size for this piercing. Keep in mind that the initial jewelry will probably be a big longer at first, to accommodate for swelling. You should replace this initial jewelry with a shorter one after a few weeks. It’s best to ask your piercer to do it, since your piercing will be tender and sensitive.

Additional Info

  • A Medusa piercing is made to be very similar to a typical labret piercing, only positioned between the nose and the upper lip. It’s the placement and not specific piercing type or jewelry that makes a Medusa piercing what it is.
  • A specific variation of a Medusa piercing is a Jestrum piercing (also known as vertical Medusa). With this piercing, the jewelry is positioned vertically through the lip and both ends of jewelry are visible.
  • Philtrum, a dimple above the upper lip, is sometimes known as “Cupid’s bow”. However, a Medusa piercing is almost newer referred to as “Cupid’s bow piercing”.
  • Medusa piercing may be uncomfortable at first, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. This is why it’s important to follow all the aftercare instructions carefully in order to avoid infections and other problems.
  • The average healing time for a Medusa piercing is between 6 and 12 weeks. However, keep in mind that this piercing is fully healed only after 6 months. Keep this in mind when it comes to aftercare and jewelry you intend to use in your Medusa piercing.

Jestrum Piercing

Jestrum PiercingA Jestrum piercing is best known as a vertical Medusa piercing. This is a somewhat rare lip piercing type.

However, it’s very unique and effective, so if you’re looking for something more special than a simple Medusa, a Jestrum piercing may be the right thing for you.

About Jestrum

A Jestrum piercing is a variation of a popular Medusa piercing. Medusa is done horizontally on the philtrum, the dimple above the upper lip and under the nose. A Jestrum piercing has a very similar placement, but it’s done vertically rather than horizontally. This is why it’s also known as “vertical Medusa”.

A Jestrum piercing can also be seen as a vertical labret piercing, as the opposite of the more common form, a horizontal labret. With a horizontal labret piercing (including Medusa), the hole is made from the top of the skin to the inside, so one end of the jewelry sits outside of the lip while the other end is inside of the mouth.

With vertical labret piercings, such as Jestrum, the piercing is done vertically along the lip. It means that both holes are on the outside of the lip and both balls of the jewelry sit outside of the mouth. It gives a very unique look and makes these lip piercings different than typical lip piercings that are done horizontally.

Jestrum is a vertical lip piercing done on the philtrum of the upper lip. It’s made in the dimple above the middle of the upper lip, just under the septum of the nose. It is the same placement as a Medusa piercing.

However, unlike Medusa, Jestrum is done vertically so both ends of the piercing are visible externally. The upper part of the piercing sits on the philtrum while the lower part sits on the underside of the upper lip.


A great thing about Jestrum piercing is that it gives you more jewelry options than a Medusa piercing. While Medusa typically uses a simple labret stud, Jestrum piercing uses curved barbells and other similar jewelry types.

Remember, with a Jestrum piercing both ends of the jewelry are visible, which creates unique look and makes the jewelry truly stand out. You may opt for simple yet elegant curved barbell or you may go with something more ornamented. The choice is yours. However, keep in mind that jewelry has to be comfortable enough because it will sit between your lips.

Some people even choose to wear other jewelry pieces in their Jestrum piercing, such as a circular barbell or even a ring, but these are rarer options.

Just like with a Medusa piercing, the initial jewelry will have to be longer to accommodate for swelling. After a few weeks, when the swelling is gone, you should change your jewelry to a shorter barbell. Typically, this should be done by your piercer.

Additional Information

  • Jestrum piercing is sometimes combined with a lower labret piercing to make a symmetrical look.
  • Correct placement is crucial for a Jestrum piercing. Incorrect placement can lead to numerous problems, such as tooth erosion and gum problems.
  • Just like a Medusa piercing, Jestrum piercing may be uncomfortable to perform, since this part of the lip is very sensitive. It’s also vital to perform adequate aftercare and to clean your Jestrum piercing regularly in order to avoid infections and other problems.

Body Jewelry Face Off – Facial Piercings & New Trends

Facial piercings are cool and really happening (if there are no cuts, bruises or infections). Traditional facial piercings included conventional areas that did not raise many eyebrows. However the new trends in facial piercings are not just about raising eyebrows but shocking you! If you thought labret piercing, nose, nose septum, eyebrows piercing, ear lobes were rebellious enough then you probably didn’t see this coming.

The new trends in facial piercings shining these days are:

Philtrum or Medusa PiercingBody jewelry in this one is attractively perched at the small cleft between the upper lip and the nose. Now snakes has nothing to do with it. It’s also a mere speculation that Medusa had her philtrum pierced.

Monroe or Madonna Piercing – This was perhaps invented by those for who thought moles were sexy and stunning. Imagine having a shiny body jewelry piece lighting up your face instead of  a dark mole. Many body piercing fanatics have found quite a like for such facial piercing. Small body jewelry pieces are pierced in areas around the face where moles are commonly found.

The Anti-Eyebrow Piercing – In this a two-surface body piercing jewelry piece is involved. And as the name typically suggests, this piercing is not about piercing eyebrows but lies diametrically opposing them – below the eye. Usually the first corner is near the corner of the eye and the second is farther back down – like tear drops falling. Sounds like a tear-jerker? Well it isn’t really and has found a place in the book of cool body piercings.

Alright so now you know what’s new in the facial piercing circuit and may be already twitching to try these asap. But keep in mind that facial piercings are (obviously) in your face-obvious, so if you are a professional with a piercing impulse then you may just want to take a moment to think. Others – who have already taken the body piercing plunge and want to go deeper to come out shinier than ever – will find it interesting (if already not tried).

Until then keep up the shine and safety while getting pierced.