Body Jewelry and Men – It’s No Longer A Woman’s World!

Jewelry is for women and women alone, at least according to beliefs which were prevalent some decades back. Things are different now. Contemporary men have ushered in the new age and are proud of their body piercings and jewelry. Men now flaunt different jewelry pieces which adorn their many piercings. Body jewelry and piercings are no longer a woman’s world!

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Ear piercings are the most common, even when it comes to men. With so many different styles and jewelry pieces to choose from, it is no wonder that there are so many men out there sporting all kinds of ear piercings and body jewelry.

Male body piercings have now progressed much beyond just the earlobes. It is not uncommon to see men with their nose pierced in several places, with a stud or a ring making it definitely noticeable. Eyebrows, septum, lips, tongue, nipples, genitals, all are equally pierced by man and women. While some piercings remain more common than others, trends are fast catching up. Navel piercings are probably the only ones which are seen much more on women than men (we do come across one or two males with navel studs though). Continue reading