How to Choose the Shop to get your first body piercing at ?

Body piercing ?Are you ready to get your first piercing, but unsure where to go, or who to trust?
The best things to do is A) Your homework, and B) Trust your instincts.
If you go into a studio and it smells bad, then the odds are the place is just plain dirty and you should walk away. If it looks and smells like a hospital then you may be in the right place.  A body piercing is a medical procedure, so be sure to treat it as such.

  • Check the studios licensing
  • Check the year the studio opened
  • Check the Piercers licensing
  • Make sure that the licensed Piercer is the one that you will be having do the work.
  • Check to see if both the studio and the Piercer are members in good standing of the APP ( Association of Professional
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