Wearing Vagina Jewelry

Vagina jewelry, or, more precisely, female genital jewelry, has to be comfortable. It is not just about mere comfort: wearing genital jewelry that has sharp edges, or is not properly designed, can cause numerous problems. This is why you need to be extra careful when you choose your vagina jewelry.

Explaining Vagina Jewelry

There is no really such a thing as “vagina jewelry”. Most female genital piercings are done around the clitoris or labia. These piercings don’t go through vagina at all. Only a few piercings, such as Fourchette and Princess Albertina go partially through vagina.

What people typically mean when they say “vagina jewelry” is female genital jewelry. This can refer to jewelry for vertical and horizontal clitoral hood piercings (VCH and HCH), triangle piercing, inner and outer labia piercing, and more.

The good news is that there … read more

The Best Condoms for Piercings

Safe sex is important, and condoms are excellent tools for that. But what about condoms for piercings? Many people worry about using condoms with their genital jewelry. Would jewelry damage a condom? Should you wear a larger condom to accommodate jewelry? There are many important things you need to know about.

Are Condoms Good for Piercings?

First things first: yes, condoms for piercings are a good thing. This goes in two ways. One, ensuring safe sex when you have a genital piercing. It is important to ensure safe sex when you have your piercings.

Also, condoms are a must-have during the healing time. Even if you don’t use condoms with your partner regularly, it is important to use them after you get your piercing and during the healing time. This is when your piercing is most vulnerable, and it … read more

Separate Jewelry Pieces in Apadravya and PA Piercings: Is It Possible?

I got a PA and I want to do an Apadraya. Can a guy do it to have them both in then?

~ Dale Montgomery

An Apadravya piercing basically consists of two other genital piercings: a Prince Albert and a Reverse Prince Albert piercings. Is it possible to wear different jewelry in your PA and your Reverse PA piercings? How about your PA and Apadravya? Here is what you need to know.

The Anatomy of a Piercing?

There are many different male genital piercings, but none of them are as popular as Prince Albert. It is not surprising: a PA piercing is relatively easy to get, and it gives amazing sensations. A Reverse Prince Albert is less common, but also a great option for those who want a striking penis piercing. It goes to the opposite direction of a … read more

Dydoe Piercing Requirements

Dydoe piercing for men is a very striking choice. This piercing goes on the edges of the penis head, through the corona. However, it is important to understand that not all men are anatomically suited for it. Your penis head and its corona has to be of a specific shape so you can wear this piercing without a problem.

What Are Dydoe Piercing Requirements?

There are several Dydoe piercing requirements you need to keep in mind if you wish to get this piercing. Just like most of the other piercings, this one depends on your anatomy. You have to be anatomically suited for it, and not all people are.

Unlike many other piercings, Dydoe is the one that requires some very specific anatomical considerations. Namely, your penis head has to have a flared corona, so that piercings can attach properly … read more

Labia vs Clit Piercing: Which is Better?

Labia vs Clit PiercingThere are many different types of female genital piercings you can get, and many different jewelry styles to use. Clitoral hood piercings, such as Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) and Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) piercings are among the most popular female genital piercings. However, these are just some of the options you can get. Many women enjoy labia piercings, be it inner or outer labia piercings. In some ways, the decision of a female genital piercing is typically between something around the clitoris and something around labia. This is why it is important to examine labia vs clit piercing to find which one is the best for you.

Labia vs Clit Piercing: The Basics

Labia vs clit piercing – which is better? As usual with piercings, a lot will depend on your needs and preferences. Generally speaking, it is important … read more

What is a Proper Size for a PA Piercing?

In order to enjoy your PA (Prince Albert) piercing properly, it has to be of an appropriate size. Since a PA piercing is a penis piercing, it is clear how sensitive it can become. It is crucial to protect this sensitive area at all costs. Choosing bad jewelry, including jewelry that is of incorrect size, can hurt the penis and cause a lot of trouble. Not to mention that incorrect sizing can prevent the person and his sexual partners from enjoying his PA piercing properly. For all these reasons, it is important to get a proper size for a PA piercing.

A Proper Size for a PA Piercing

What is a proper size for a PA piercing? Just like with any other piercing, there are important recommendations in this regard. However, there are also some room for difference that accounts … read more

How to Piss with Apadravya?

piss with Apadravya

Apadravya is one of the most exciting male genital piercings. It goes vertically through the penis head and it can bring a lot of pleasure to the wearer and his partners during sex. It is not surprising that Apadravya is one of the most popular penis piercings. However, just like with many other male genital piercings, it may pose certain challenges during urination. How to piss with Apadravya?

Is it Difficult to Piss with Apadravya?

One of the first questions many men ask about penis piercings is whether they will be able to urinate while standing up after getting the piercing done. First of all, it is important to understand that this is not an issue of all male genital piercings, and not even all penis piercings. Only those piercings that go through urethra will cause this problem. Since … read more

What is the Best Jewelry for the Vagina?

Jewelry for the VaginaThere are many powerful female genital piercings you can get. Of course, these piercings are not just about piercing holes in the skin: many of them can bring different erotic sensations. Also, female genital piercings are beautiful, particularly if you pair them with a nice jewelry piece. What is the best jewelry for the vagina and how to find it?

Jewelry for the Vagina

If you want to find jewelry for the vagina, you should look at the jewelry for female genital piercings. See, even though it is often called “jewelry for the vagina”, most piercings do not go through the vagina itself. On the contrary: there are only a few of them that actually do go through the vagina. This is the first thing to keep in mind.

Princess Albertina piercing, for example, is famous for its unusual placement. … read more

How Strong is Apadravya Piercing Pain?

Apadravya Piercing PainApadravya, a vertical penis piercing, is one of the most powerful and enjoyable male genital piercings in the world. It can bring so much pleasure to the wearer and his partners. This is why it’s not surprising that there are so many men with this piercing. So, what about Apadravya piercing pain? Is it really so bad as it looks?

Apadravya Piercing Pain: The Facts

Many people wonder about Apadravya piercing pain, and there is no point in denying: this is a painful piercing. While it is not the most painful male genital piercing you can get, it is painful. You need to understand this before you decide to go through the procedure.

Apadravya is a long piercing, because it goes through the entire head of the penis, from top to bottom. That is a lot of tissue. Many … read more

Reverse PA Versus Standard PA

Reverse PA Versus Standard PAThere are many different male genital piercings you can choose. The most popular option is a Prince Albert piercing (PA piercing), which is also the most popular genital piercing in the world. However, it has a very exciting variant: a Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA) piercing. Both are amazing but not equally popular. If you are deciding between the two, it is important to know all the characteristics of these piercings. Reverse PA versus Standard PA: what’s the big deal?

Reverse PA Versus Standard PA: The Facts

Here are some of the most important facts you need to remember about Reverse PA versus Standard PA. Both are penis piercings that go through the penis head, partially through the urethra. The main difference is the direction: Standard PA goes through the lower portion of the penis head: it enters the … read more