Although everyone else is raising their shipping rates to match the Postal Increases, we have lowered all of our shipping rates, and we now give free shipping to everyone in the US and Canada.

So now when you order, if you forget something, no need to hold off, just place another order.

New Piercing Issue and Free Shipping!

A new issue of the Body Jewelry news will be out today, so make sure that you are all signed up on our website to get the emailed discounts and contests. It only comes out twice a month, we will not spam you or use or sell your email address in any other way. After 18 years now I think that you can believe us on that.

Well sign up to take advantage. I know that it is Free Shipping all month for the month of May if you have the code.


Pink-Friday Body Jewelry Deals !

We at have decided that Friday after Black Friday is PINK FRIDAY and naturally there should be sales all weekend in honor of it !!   Why ??     Who Cares !

Here are some Killer Deals,Discounts, and even Freebies !
We have;  Free Jewelry, Free Shipping, $10.00 OFF, and Percentage Discounts

————- Deal # 1 ————
Free 1st Class Shipping
Coupon Code:  BF-3
12/04/09 thru 12/06/09

————- Deal # 2 ————
10% OFF our Eyeball Chunk Rings
Coupon Code:  BF-1
12/04/09 thru 12/06/09

————- Deal # 3 ————
Free Captive Ring and Triple Gem Charm with any purchase
Coupon Code:  Free-Triple-Gem
12/04/09 thru 12/06/09

————- Deal # 4 ————
$10.00 OFF our Large Flower Hybrid Curved Barbell
Coupon Code:  BF-2
12/04/09 thru 12/06/09

————- Deal # 5 ————
50% OFF our Very Popular “Globe Hanger”
Coupon … read more