Triangle Genital Piercing

Triangle is probably the most arousing of all female genital piercings. Of course, it all depends on personal preferences and what turns you on. Some women like other types of piercings and find them to be very arousing. Still, triangle piercing remains to be one of the most intriguing types of female genital piercings and it’s specially made to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Special Design for Unique Sensations

The “secret” behind triangle piercing is that it perfectly complements female anatomy by pressing all the right spots and enhancing the body’s natural erogenous zones. This is a piercing specially made for your sweet spot.

The jewelry is positioned just below the clitoral hood and behind the clitoris. It provides unique visual image and enhances the look of your genitalia. Visual appeal is just one of the man advantages of … read more

Single Pearl Curved Barbell

The Single Pearl Curved Barbell is a really cool navel piercing to so off your tan this summer. It is made from High Quality G23 Surgical Titanium High Polish Curved Barbell, with a threaded 9 mm Synthetic Pearl in place of the regular ball. This piece is a must have for your piercing collection.