Choosing Body Jewelry for your Lifestyle

Body jewelry is more than just an attractive addition to your attire. Body jewelry can actually give others an idea about your lifestyle, your personality, and even an idea of your favorite things. Consider all the various types of jewelry you can find today from earrings to necklaces to nose rings to navel jewelry. If none of these gives you all kinds of ideas to show of your own unique style, then more than likely you have never looked at the possibilities and different styles of body jewelry available on today’s market.

You can now purchase body jewelry for the ears, naval, nipples, nose, eyebrow, tongue, labret, and for areas of the body that are not seen by anyone beside your lover.

Double Breast Clamp Female Body Jewelry now available!

Double Breast Clamp

Double Breast Clamp

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings unique female body jewelry products for adult females.

Now presenting an all Surgical Steel Breast Compression device for females. Bar length is 3/8” by 18”. Threaded thumb screws are just over 6” in length. Total weight of the piece is 707 grams. This piece can be used without any need for piercing.

Flaunt your attitude with this amazing and unique piece of body jewelry only available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

You can buy it now just by logging on to: Double Breast Clamp present under Female Body Jewelry section of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.