What if You Lose Jewelry Parts?

 Surgical Steel Captive Bead Replacement Ball

Surgical Steel Captive Bead Replacement Ball

Body jewelry should be quality-made to ensure your safety. In other words, cheap jewelry made of unsafe materials can pose a great danger to your health. Nickel allergies, infection, migration and rejection are just some of the problems you may encounter with low-quality jewelry.

However, that’s not all. Cheap jewelry is usually poorly made. It means that it’s not crafted properly. Chances are that parts of the jewelry will bend, break or simply fall out. This is yet another reason why you should stay away from cheap jewelry.

On the other hand, some well-made jewelry can also give you headache. Beads, balls, charms and other jewelry parts tend to get lost from time to time. You need to know what to do in a situation when you lose part of your jewelry.

Lost Jewelry

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