The Most Effective CBT Devices

Cock and Ball TortureCock and Ball Torture (also known as CBT) is an extreme sexual activity popular with kink and BDSM practitioners, but you don’t have to be actively involved in BDSM to enjoy it.

As the name suggests, cock and ball torture focuses on causing pain on male genitalia (penis and testicles).

This activity can be highly arousing for those who enjoy it, but it’s important to follow all safety and health warnings since it carries significant risk of injuries and other problems.

In order to practice CBT safely and to full enjoyment, it’s important to follow all healthy precautions. The other necessary thing is to choose the right toys and devices. If you wish to practice CBT safely it is vital to use only specialized devices designed for CBT and other types of penis and scrotum manipulation.

Here is the list of the most popular and effective CBT devices:

Ball Crushers and Lock Downs

Ball crushers and lock down systems are specialized toys made for CBT. They squeeze and press testicles as tightly as desired. They typically have a screw mechanism so they are very adjustable. The exact effect will depend on the person and the type of CBT play. The best ball crushers are made of Surgical Steel and they are also the most intense ones.

It is important to use only crushers specially designed for CBT. In order to preserve safety, it is vital to use only these devices instead of random household objects. Of course, the same safety warning applies to all devices on this page, but it is particularly important to remember about ball crushers, since they are among the most intense CBT devices you can use.

Stretchers with Ropes and Weights

Extreme forms of ball stretching can be used for some CBT play. While all ball stretching devices can be used for manipulating testicles and painful experience, some stretchers are better for this purpose than the others. It’s important to understand that while ball stretching may look painful or extreme on the outside, it is not specifically made for CBT. In other words, ball stretching is usually pain-free and doesn’t cause discomfort. This is why stretchers need to be used in particular ways in order to be suitable for CBT.

Also, a lot will depend on the stretcher itself. Huge, heavy stretchers are generally more intense so they can be used for CBT more easily. However, the best way to turn your ball weights into CBT devices is to use them in a combination with accessories, such as ropes and additional weights. Some stretchers, such as parachute ball stretcher, come with special hooks and rings you can use to make the experience even more intense or painful, if this is the desired effect.

One of the most effective ways to maximize the experience is to attach ropes to the ball stretcher and use them for bondage. It is possible to move those ropes or hooks in different direction, which results in very intense sensations and pain. Adding more weight to the existing ball stretcher or attaching weight on ropes will also accentuate the sensations. This way, it is possible to turn ball stretchers into CBT devices.

Man Humblers

Another good CBT device is a man humbler. Humblers are great for numerous types of kink and bondage games, especially for those who like some heavy testicle pay. While they are not specifically designed for pain, they are great for combining cock and ball torture with bondage.

A man humbler is specially designed to resist the movement. This specialized cuff with a wooden or metal bar is positioned behind the thighs. The balls are tightly pressed in the humbler which forces the man to fold his legs forward. Any attempt to straighten the legs or to stand straight causes a harsh pull on the scrotum and significant pain.

This is a great bondage device for keeping slaves under the control. It is often used for many kink activities and CBT. Depending on the partners, man humblers can be used for simple control or for causing actual pain.

Electrosex Devices

Electro stimulation is a type of sexual play using special machines and devices. Electrosex devices use electric current to stimulate erogenous zones. They are used in a combination with special clamps and electrodes. Electro stimulation can range from teasing vibrations to more intense sensations and pain, so it can be used for CBT is applied to male genitalia.

In order to ensure safety it is crucial to use only electro devices specially designed for sexual use. This activity carries significant health risks if not used correctly, so it’s vital that you understand what you’re doing if you wish to use electro sex for CBT or other kinky activities.

Spiked Cock Rings

Cock rings are not your typical CBT devices, but they can be used for cock and ball torture. This is particularly true for special, intense cock rings with spikes and screws. These cock rings can be used to apply pressure and pain on the penis. This is particularly useful in a combination with another device that is used on the testicles. This way, you can experience a full CBT that involves both cock and balls!

A good thing about spiked cock rings is that they can be used to stimulate different sensitive spots. The glans is the most sensitive part of the penis, so using spiked rings as glans rings is a very effective CBT technique. However, these spiked rings can be used on the penis shaft or even on the balls to cause pain and other sensations.

Urethral Toys

Urethral toys are specialized devices made for urethral stimulation. This type of penis stimulation is highly arousing and erotic, so it is often used by men who do not like pain or discomfort. However, just like ball stretchers or cock rings, urethral sounds and other devices can be used for CBT.

The trick here is to find an appropriate urethral device. It should be big enough to truly make a difference. Heavy sounds that can reach deeply into urethra are a good choice. Same goes for penis plugs with pumps and textures. These devices can be used in combination with ropes and additional weight to cause pain and other sensations.

If you wish to use urethral devices that reach deep into the urethra you need to know what you’re doing. Make sure to be familiar with urethral play before you attempt something like this, since deep sounding carries certain health risks.

Other Devices

There are some other erotic toys and devices you can use for CBT:

  • Clamps. There are many different types of clamps used for erotic play. Most of them are applied on the nipples and vary from gentle clamps made for teasing to the heavy, metal clamps ideal for nipple torture. The good news is that you can use these clamps for CBT in many different ways.
  • Spiked Wheels. A spiked pleasure wheel is a powerful tool for kink and bondage. It can be used to tease or cause pain, so it can be used for cock and ball torture. Wheels with many rows of spikes (such as 5 or 7) are made for teasing, while the ones with fewer rows of spikes (such as 3 or 1) are made for more intense and painful sensations.

Warning: Before using any of these devices it is important to learn all the safety precautions and be informed about potential health risks. It is also highly advisable to consult your doctor before attempting any type of CBT or using any of these devices. It is crucial to stay safe and prevent risks associated with CBT and other extreme sexual activities!

Play Piercing – Are you Game?

Humans are constantly pushing their bodies to the limits, testing their pain thresholds, tolerances and sexual endeavors. For some people pain and sex go hand in hand. They use pain to enhance sexual desires. In the body modification world play piercing is not always just for the hell of it, but it can also be done to spice up sexual experiences.


Play piercing is basically when needles are pierced into the skin without inserting and leaving a piece of jewelry in the hole. The needles are inserted so that both ends of it stick out of the skin, a secant position. This type of piercing is done just for the enjoyment of procedure rather than for aesthetic purpose. The types of needles that are usually used are sterile hypodermic needles.Like when any other type of piercing, a clean sterile environment is the best way to prevent infections. Play piercing kits are available that include everything needed to do this in the most sterile way. The needles can be arranged so that a design can be seen, such as a star. Some people like to put the needles into the skin so that a corset can be laced around them or small objects can be hung from them. The different sensations of the needles being moved, tugged, or twisted can play into the BDSM scene. Play piercing was started in the BDSM community and is widely accept among people in the BDSM community.
Cock and ball torture is one way that play piercing is used in the bedroom to enhance a sexual experience. Some men will put a ball weight on their scrotum, forcing the skin to be pulled tight and then they will begin to pierce their scrotum with hypodermic needles. Some men allow their significant other to do the play piercing into their scrotum if they trust them enough. For some men play piercing into the scrotum or the shaft of the penis is very ecstatic. Women even enjoy the feelings of play piercing in the vagina or other parts of the body.


This type of body piercing is not permanent. The needles are meant to be removed after the experience is done. After the needles have been removed the wounds need to be cleaned and cared for to prevent infection. Before practicing play piercing again the wounds need to be healed completely or the piercings should be put in different spots.