What is the Best Tool for Cock and Ball Torture?

Best Tool for Cock and Ball TortureCock and ball torture (CBT) is an extreme activity that has numerous fans. Many people who like to practice BDSM are into cock and ball torture. However, you don’t have to be part of the BDSM community to experiment with cock and ball torture. As long as you find painful pleasures intriguing and as long as you want to try it, you can do it. However, it is extremely important to do everything you can to stay safe during play. Remember, this is an intense, extreme activity that can lead to injuries if you and your partner are not careful.

One of the best ways to prevent problems is to use proper tools made for CBT. But what is the best tool for cock and ball torture you should use?

The Best Tool for Cock and Ball Torture

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Cock and Ball Torture: How to Stay Safe?

320tCock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity many people like to try at least once. While there are people who are not intrigued by CBT there are so many others who like to learn more about CBT or practice it regularly.

One of the most important things for an enjoyable CBT activity is to know how to ensure safety. CBT brings numerous health risks so you need to know how to avoid them.

Safety Concerns

Before you start enjoying CBT to the fullest, it is important to be aware of all the risks and potential health problems that may arise because of this activity. Keep in mind that cock and ball torture can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you are careful there is a risk of injury and other problems.

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The Most Effective CBT Devices

Cock and Ball TortureCock and Ball Torture (also known as CBT) is an extreme sexual activity popular with kink and BDSM practitioners, but you don’t have to be actively involved in BDSM to enjoy it.

As the name suggests, cock and ball torture focuses on causing pain on male genitalia (penis and testicles).

This activity can be highly arousing for those who enjoy it, but it’s important to follow all safety and health warnings since it carries significant risk of injuries and other problems.

In order to practice CBT safely and to full enjoyment, it’s important to follow all healthy precautions. The other necessary thing is to choose the right toys and devices. If you wish to practice CBT safely it is vital to use only specialized devices designed for CBT and other types of penis and scrotum manipulation.

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Play Piercing – Are you Game?

Humans are constantly pushing their bodies to the limits, testing their pain thresholds, tolerances and sexual endeavors. For some people pain and sex go hand in hand. They use pain to enhance sexual desires. In the body modification world play piercing is not always just for the hell of it, but it can also be done to spice up sexual experiences.


Play piercing is basically when needles are pierced into the skin without inserting and leaving a piece of jewelry in the hole. The needles are inserted so that both ends of it stick out of the skin, a secant position. This type of piercing is done just for the enjoyment of procedure rather than for aesthetic purpose. The types of needles that are usually used are sterile hypodermic needles.Like when any other type of piercing, a clean … read more