Oral Piercings

tongueOral piercings are those piercings located fully or partially inside the mouth.

When a piercing is fully located in the mouth, it means that both the enter and exit holes, as well as jewelry, are placed inside the mouth.

The most typical of these piercings is tongue piercing.

However, this is not the only way to have an oral piercing. A piercing can only be partially located in the mouth while the other side is located on the outside, such as on the lip or cheek.

Oral piercings require special aftercare and close attention because of the sensitive tissue and heightened risk of infections. It’s vital to perform aftercare with great care and to monitor your piercing for any potential problems.

Oral piercings include:

  • Tongue piercing.
  • Smiley piercing.
  • Some rare piercings, such as frowny, uvula and other rare
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Bites Lip Piercings

Bites lip piercings are popular lip piercing types many people want to have. These piercings are relatively small in size yet very effective, so they are ideal for those who wish to achieve a stylish look. Piercings such as Angel bites, Snake bites, Dolphin bites and others look very cool. They make a great choice for both men and women who wish to have a very effective lip piercing.

Bites Piercing

What Makes Bites Piercings Unique?

In essence, bites piercings consist of several different piercings. Each piercing on itself is fairly simple and typically uses basic yet elegant jewelry pieces, such as labrets or Captive Bead Rings.

Typically, bites piercing come in two variants: bites piercings made of two piercings and those made of four piercings. Unlike Industrial piercing, different piercings that make a bites piercing are not physically connected … read more